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I dropped Gloria off the next morning and started my day by doing some of my school work. I plugged in my phone and listened to music, while I studied. Jason was still blowing up my phone begging to know where I was at but, I still didn't give in and tell him where I was. My feet were slightly swollen and my back hurt. I was dying for a foot massage and a back rub. I really did miss Jason even if it's been a day or so. I was very tempted to pick up my phone and dial his number, but I wanted him to see how I felt and what I went through. Rolling my eyes I sighed and continued doing my homework ready to be done with high school.

Later on that day I watched Netflix on my phone and ate junk food. I could officially say that I was bored out of my damn mind and really needed something to do. I didn't want to go to the house but I did because I miss the guys and their craziness. In that matter of time, I was about to pick up my car keys and say fuck it and go back to the house when I heard the front door open. I could be one person only and that's Jason, I still wasn't ready to see him.

"Tina, baby I know you're here," he yelled from downstairs. I got off the bed and sighed, Jason McCann you are truly a pain in my ass.

"What do you want Jason?" I yelled walking downstairs towards the living room.

"I just want to speak to you that's all babe," I rolled my eyes at him.

"Honestly, I don't want to speak to you. Why couldn't you have just left me alone like I wanted?" I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Because I know you and you can't go too long without talking to someone, I bet you were about to leave the house before I got here." He was right I was I was ready to leave.

"So... that's beside the freaking point Jason," I shook my head.

"Jason you piss me off sometimes it's like you want me to do what you want, you never want to listen to what I want to say or do." I walked upstairs and grabbed my bag and went back downstairs.

"You can't give me the space that I want, I'm just not trying to stress for our baby, and lately I've been stressing a lot." I tried to walk past him and to my car, but he stopped me.

"Look, babe, I'm sorry how about we go home and get dressed and go on a date and talk?" That actually sounded nice as hell and I was down for it.

Jason and I were dressed and were ready to go on our date. Thinking about it I don't even know where were headed to.

"Jason?" I said.

"Yes, babe?" He looked at me.

"Where the hell are we going you didn't tell me?" I tilted my head a little bit. We were both dressed casual nothing big.

"I don't even know where we are going either, how about you choose for us?" He asked me.

"How about the festival going on downtown?" I waited for him to say something and he finally nodded his head. Jason really works my nerves, this was his bright idea and didn't even have anywhere to go.

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan I guess. Jason you're supposed to be making it up for me don't ruin it already." He nodded and we pulled up to the festival. I didn't know what type of festival it was, but I hope it made me happy.

"We are here, are you ready?" Jason asked me.

"Yes, what type of festival is this Jason?" I asked him, because I wasn't trying to be at a boring festival.

"It's the food festival where you can try all types of foods all over the world." When he said that, the frown that was on my face was replaced with a huge smile I was excited and hungry. I grabbed Jason and we were off towards the food.

- -

When we got back home my stomach was full of different foods, and I was ready to lay my fat butt down. I was six months pregnant and I feel like I look fat. Jason helped me up the stairs to the bedroom, and I sat on the bed and he helped me take me shoes off.

"I had a great night babe," I said and smiled at him. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, even though you had to walk a lot." I nodded my head and told him it was fine.

We got into our night clothes and laid in bed and cuddled and he played with my belly. He started to sing to her and I smiled I just loved his voice. He could go many places with that voice, but he doesn't want to put himself out there. Even though Jason works my nerves I love the guy to death and I hope things get better in the long run.

Guys I know y'all hate me for not updating in like a year. Senior year has been a pain in my ass and I have a job, and a boyfriend I'm with everyday, and I'm still looking for a college to go to. I'm going to really try to update as much as I can love you guys so much. :)

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