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"Josh I'm going to get Starbucks, do you want me to pick anything up from the store?" I asked Josh grabbing my car keys.

"Yeah get me the ingredients to make chili," he said reaching into his back pocket to grab his wallet.

"Here's sixty dollars, that should be enough, and your leaving the house dressed like that?" He asked heading me the money, and putting his wallet back into his back pocket.

I looked down at my outfit," what's wrong with my outfit?" I asked him crossing my arm.

"Nothing, just go get the food we're having chili tonight, bye love you be careful,"

"Love you too, and I will," I said grabbing my over the shoulder bag, I walked outside, and got into my black four door Jeep Wrangler. I love my car I named her Sammie, I saved a lot of money to buy my baby.

I started my car, and I plugged the aux cord into my phone, so I could play my jams.

Then I pull out of the driveway, god I hate driving, I was so excited when I first got my license, but after a while I got tired of driving, but I get where I need to go.

I turned the corner where Starbucks was, and I pulled into the drive thru, and order an double chocolate chip frappe, and then payed.

I pullout of the drive thru, and headed to the grocery store to get food so my brother could start dinner, but I noticed as I left, in my rear view mirror that a car sped up, and was riding my ass.

I turned a corner just to see if they were following, but they turned the same corner as me. I sped up a little and so did they. I sped up some more, and turned some more corners, I hope I don't get pulled over or wreck and die.

What does this person want from me? Why are they following me? I feel like I'm on a high speed chase. This person really needs to leave me be, I need to pick up the food ingredients, so my brother can start dinner I'm hungry.

Look at me worried about food, when I could be killed by this person following me.

I just headed to the store anyways, I pulled up to the store, and parked the car and ran out of the car into the store.

I was huffing and puffing, people were giving me weird faces, but only if they knew that I was being followed by a killer, I think it was a killer.

I looked at the window, and saw that the car was parked like two cars down from mine. I got the food ingredients and got into the line, then pay for it.

This is it I have to go outside, I run outside and into my car as fast as I can. I throw the groceries in the back and started up the car.

God just let me make it home safe and sound. As I was backing up, someone started tapping on my window, and I turned around to see out my driver window.

I've never jumped so hard in my life.

"Shit!" I rolled down my window with my hand on my heart.

"So are you like following me now, do you literally have no life Jason, that you have to stalk mine."

"No, I have one its just that, your little friend has been avoiding me, and you're the closest thing to her." He said with a mug on his face I swear this dude is bipolar as fućk.

"Well you think I'm the closest thing to her, I haven't spoken to her since the party, and I really don't want to after what you told me, and that she lied to me basically." I said putting my car in park, because I had my foot still on the brake.

"But you know her address, I could just pop up on her." he looked at me, after he got done talking. I hope he doesn't think I'm giving it to him, I might be mad at her, but I wouldn't just give her address to a stranger.

"Yeah, I'm not giving it to you, bye Jason," I said rolling up my window, but Jason put his hand in the window to prevent me from shutting it.

"Jason if you don't move your hand, I'm smashing it."

"You wouldn't do it, you're not about it." Ha he must not know me well enough.

I rolled up the window some more, and it was just about to take his fingers, but he moved his hand. Jason started tapping on my window very hard, like he was going to brake it, I just might have to beat his ass.

I opened my car door and got out, "Jason I'm not giving you her address, I didn't even want to give you her number, why won't you just go home, and give it a rest." I said crossing my arms.

I was about to grab Jason by the arm, but he stopped me by grabbing my wrist, and pinning them above me.

"Look baby girl, your friend, stole a lot of drugs that were worth a lot of money, now if you don't tell me where she lives, she might be in danger, and not from me." he whispered yelled in my ear, his hot breath hitting my neck.

This was totally the wrong time to be turned on by this, I was shuddering under his touch, and he knew I was.

I'm supposed to hate him, not be turned on by him, but he was undeniably sexy, and I couldn't help myself.

Jason looked me up and down, and smirked. He let go of my wrist, but grabbed my hips.

"You look sexy in this, don't you know?" He said, backing me up against my car, I'm surprised no one has seen this or said anything, but it was damn there dark outside and people around here don't give a shit.

"Thanks?" I said Jason leaned down, and started kissing my neck. Man this felt good that I almost let out a moan I couldn't let him know I was enjoying this, but he knew I was, because I would have pushed him away.

Jason started sucking and biting on my neck, and I couldn't help, but close my eyes and let a moan out, no one has ever done anything like this to me, and it felt good. He pulled away and I flutter my eyes open, and when I did he had I smirk on his face.

I couldn't help myself he looked so good, I grabbed his face and captured his lips on to mine, I knew he was caught by surprise, because it took him a little while to kiss back.

Sparks, that's all I felt when I kissed him.

My phone started ringing, and I pulled away, and I looked at the caller I.D.

"Shit! I have to go," I said pulling away from Jason. I just realized what I just did, I can't believe I just kissed this dude, wow Tina great you barley know the guy and you're supposed to hate him.

"Do you mind giving me a ride?" Jason asked I looked at him confused, Why would I give him a ride if his car parked right there.

"Why would I do that? your car is right there." I pointed to the car that he was following me in.

"That's not my car, I walked here." he said looking at me confused.

"Then who car is it?" I asked.

"I don't know, and I don't care, can I just get a ride."

"Umm yeah sure get in."

If that wasn't Jason's car, then who does that car belong to?

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