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I'm going to kill that bitch, I kept thinking to myself. I wasn't going confront her about it I was going to kill her with kindness, only because she's probably pregnant with my brothers baby.
Gosh why is everything happening to me? What did I do? Oh yeah that's right, I didn't want to be the girls friend anymore, because she betrayed me, funny right?

"Tina are you alright?" I looked up at Gloria, and shook my head no, hell naw I wasn't okay, how could I be my ex best friend tried to kill me.
   "I should be asking you that question." I told her standing up, and hugging her, she wrapped her arms around me tightly sighing.

"I invited you to come over, so we can chill, and we almost get killed, sorry." I told her.

"No you didn't know, it was Becky's fault not yours, but what are you gonna do?" I don't know exactly what to do other to just be kind until she gives birth, but then she going to have a baby, and the baby is going to need their mother.

" I honestly don't know maybe Jason will know." I told her truthfully, I don't think I even want to be nice to her I'll just have to think about something else.


Gloria stayed over for the night since it was raining very bad, she stayed with Tim they got along pretty well, and I was happy.

I walked upstairs, and went to Derek's room I wanted to talk to him.

I knocked his door, and said it while I did it and walked in. Derek was on his bed looking at the ceiling in a daze.

  "Hey Derek I just wanted to check up on you." I walked over to his bed, and sat down next to him.

  "I'm alright I just can't believe she would do something like that," he said leaning up on his headboard whilst looking at me.
"You can't? I can't, I didn't know she would want me dead for me not wanting being her friend no more." I told him.

"I really loved her ya know?"

"Yeah I know by the way you were talking about her." I patted his leg, and got up.

"Do you need some alone time?"he nodded his head, and I left his room.

I walked to Jason and I's room to see him at his desk on his laptop, and phone. He was having a heated argument with someone on the phone.       

      I tip-toed over to him, and wrapped my arms around him from the back, and placed my lips on his neck. I started trailing up to his jaw, and stopped there.

"Calm down babe," I whispered in his ear, and lightly kissed his earlobe.
"I'll call you back later," Jason said on the phone and hung up.

He turned around in his wheelchair, and grabbed me by my waist, and sat me on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and hugged him.

   "Jason what am I going to do?" I sighed out.
   "What are we going to do?" He said.

"But we'll have to wait, and think,  I want you by my side 24/7." I giggled, but stopped giggling when his face didn't show no type of humor. He was being serious.

   "Are you being serious Jason?"

"Yeah I was being serious you thought I was playing?"

"Jason no I'm not being by you side 24/7 yes that would sound wonderful to any other girl, but most girls boyfriends don't have a job like yours." I paused for a second and looked at Jason angered flashed in his eyes, and I knew I made him mad.

  "Babe look I'm not trying to sound like a bitch, but you job is dangerous, and wouldn't I be in more trouble being with you?" I asked him placing my hand on his check.

"No, because you will be with me where I can protect you at all times."

"And that sounds amazing really, but I'm not trying to be stuck under your ass 24/7 Jason, how about I go with you every other day, because I can try to protect myself." I told him, but he just glared.

I sighed, and kissed his lips he didn't kiss back right away, because he was trying to be mad.

"Baby I love you," I said kissing his cheek, then his jaw, then neck, and so on and so on. He groaned and he gripped my waist tighter. I smirked at him he was trying not to react.

"Do you love me?" I said looking up into his eyes, but he looked away, I wasn't taking his action to the heart, because I knew he loved me. I kissed his lips, and got off his lap.

"Maybe Derek will enjoy my company, and understand where I coming from" I told him heading towards the door. I heard him get out of the chair, and I smirked.

"You wouldn't!" He yelled, of course I wouldn't my eyes was only set for Jason, but I like to get him worked up sometimes because he is sexy as hell mad.

"Oh Jason I would you aren't enjoying my company, so I will go to someone who will," I said twisting the door knob, but Jason stormed over to me, and gripped my arm turning me around.

"No you belong to me, and I can be the only one hear you complain, and you can't  touch anyone else like that," he gripped my waist, and placed his lips on mine.

"Aww is someone jealous?" I asked pulling away from his kiss.

"No, because you know better than talk to another man." I laughed.

"Oh do I?" He nodded his head.

"Okay so if I get up and go to one of these other bedrooms and talk to one of these guys, what will happen?" I asked him, but he stay silence.

"I thought so," I leaned up and gave him a kiss.

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