twenty- three

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It's been a month, And I swear as the months go by the closer Jason and I become. Gloria and I have become close too, she's like my little sister. We do everything together now, way better friend than Becky if you ask me.

It's break, and I'm just at home watching tv with violet, she's gotten so big, she's like my best friend too I talk to her about everything, like she understands what I'm saying to her. Like I talk to her about Josh, I don't talk to no else about, but to her because she can't run back and go tell, but Josh's been acting strange lately.

I asked him, but he just makes up a lie, and I know he's lying because he starts scratching his head, is that what all the guys do? But I'm going to catch him and I feel like it's not going to be pretty.

Lately I've been thinking about getting my own place, I'm old enough I make enough money too. I have talk to Jason about it and he told me to move in with him. I told him I didn't want to live with all those guys. He told me that wasn't actually his house, he has his own.

I was mad that we've been dating for this long, and I didn't know he had his own house. He told me he would take me there, so I can change my mind and live with him. Josh would not agree with me living with him, but I'm old enough to make my own decisions. Speaking of the Devils, Jason and Josh text me.

I unlocked my phone and read the messages.

Jason: baby I'll be over in a little I need to see you, and plus we need to talk.

That text left me wondering, I'm scared for this talk, when people say we need to talk I get nerves.

Josh: I won't be home tonight staying over Cecelia's.

I just reply to both text with an okay and love you.

I started rubbing violet, I thought it was time to take her out so she could pee, so I picked her up and took her outside.

I wrapped myself with my arm, because it was really chilly outside. I watched violet run around sniffing around finding where she could pee at.

I looked around, hearing noise.

"Come on violet," I patted my lap, and she ran towards me, and we went inside, I just had an off feeling like someone was watching me.

I closed the door and locked it, I went around the house locking doors and windows. I heard Violet barking downstairs, I heard knocking the closer I neared the living room. I opened the door to find no one.

My heart started beating real quick, then the was a knock at the back window. I was really scared. Who was trying to scare me? Then there was a knock at the back door, I walked to the back door slowly scared to open it. I unlocked the door and gripped the door knob and slowly twisted it open.

I looked down at the shoes, and looked up slowly, only to let out the loudest scream.

A/N: this is the shortest chapter I ever written, but I had writers block with this chapter honestly. Sorry guys.

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