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Jason was waiting for me to leave, but I couldn't find my damn car keys.

"Oh my god can you hurry the fuck up I'm already late," he was pissed, but I don't give a flying fuck.

"If you want me to hurry up and fucking leave then, help me find my goddamn keys," I yelled.

He rolled his eyes at me but, helped anyways.

I walked to his room the last place I was at, I got on the floor and crawled around on the it to find my keys.

"Nice ass," I turned around to find Jason leaning on the doorframe.

I flipped him off and lifted myself off the floor, he laughed at me.

I open his closet door and looked on the floor to find my car keys there, but I realize that he had guns and drugs in his closet also. I wasn't freaked out about it for some reason.

"How the hell my keys get in here?" I said to myself.

"And why the hell do you have drugs and fucking guns in your closet?"

"Because this is my house and I can have whatever I want in it, and you may leave now," he said pushing me out his room.

"Okay gosh I'm leaving meanie." He just smiled and shook his head.

I walked out his house and, to my car and got in.

Jason got out of his house and walked to his car then leaned on it and crossed his arms.

I guess he was waiting on me to leave so, that's what I did I left.

God I would be lying if I said Jason didn't look good leaning against his car.

Man I need to stop thinking about him it's not healthy, but he looks so good, to bad he's an asshole.

About time I got home I had to get ready for work, man this is going to be a long day.

I left around one o'clock, I was thinking I don't really want to see Becky because, she fucking left me AGAIN I'm really getting tired of her shit.

She was supposed to be my friend but no, boys comes first before me this is why I can't wait to get a boyfriend to piss her off a little.

I was already at work and Becky was supposed to be here already, but she wasn't here I went to the manager to ask if she knew where she was at.

The manager told me she called off sick.

"Sick my ass," I scoffed out.

I walked to the cash register and waited for people to pay for their items, and the door open and I did the greeting words and looked up to see the one and only Jason McCann.

"Ugh what do you want?" I question him and gave him a glare he wasn't intimidated by it.

"To give you back your purse," I looked at the purse in his hands and laughed.

"That's not even my purse dummy all the people at your party last night and you think that this is my purse."

"Okay it's not your purse, but I just wanted to find a way to talk to you because I have a big favor."

"Where did you even get this purse from," I asked him ignoring his big favor.

" I bought it at that store across from here- oh my god forget about the fucking purse that's not what I came here for." I wanted to laugh at him.

"What do you possible want from me?" I asked him while rolling my eyes.

"And hurry up I'm working," I added in.

"Okay first I need your friends number she owes me big time and second I need your number." he asked

I looked at him confused I wonder what Becky owes him.

"Umm I can give you Becky's number, but you have to tell me why you need it for?" I told him.

He turned his head left and right and leaned towards my ear.

"Let's just say she stole drugs that didn't belong to her and it was worth a lot of money." I just stood there shocked one, because I don't believe Becky would steal, and second of all drugs, no she wouldn't do anything like that.

"No, Becky wouldn't do that you have the wrong person," I said to him shaking my head.

"Oh she did I have a video trust and believe that maybe you don't know your friend that well, so can I have her number."

"I'll give you her number alright but, you're not getting mine."

Who does think he is? Just coming into my job with a purse he bought from across the mall to make conversation so, he could just get my friends number if I could even call her that anymore.

I just got fed up with him being here and plus he was distracting me from doing my job, so I pulled out my phone and looked for Becky's number once I found it I showed it to him.

"Here, hurry up I have a real legal job to do unlike you." I scuffed at him.

He snatched my phone from my hands and started texting from what I was seeing he was texting himself, because once he was done his phone made a ding sound.

"Now I have your number thanks sweetheart," he said with a smirk and tossed me my phone and I caught it.

"Eww don't call me that," I rolled my eyes at him.

"I do what I want princess, and don't roll your eyes we don't want them eyes to be stuck in the back of that pretty little head of yours, now do we?" He asked me, I didn't answer him and I just rolled my eyes again.

"Can you just go? I do have a job to do Jason."

"Oh I'll leave now princess, but I see you later," and with that he left, and I couldn't be more happy.

I started doing my job again and I was just glad that we didn't have a lot of customers or I would be getting a lot of mouth from my boss.

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