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"Shit" I cursed because, I burnt my finger on the stove.

I started waving my hand around.

"Are you okay Tina?" My brother Josh asked before he started laughing.
"How is this funny to you?" I asked him giving him a deep stare.

"Because you looked like you had to take a shit," he told me.

"Fuck you asshole," I said flipping him off.

"Love you also."

I groaned at my older brother, who acts twelve instead of twenty-five.

"Shit, I need to get ready for work." he said looking at his watch.

"Me too I got to make that money some how," I told him he just shook his head at me.

My brother is a doctor I was very proud of him.

I worked at forever 21, I love that store. I walked upstairs to my room to get ready for work.

I put on a long sleeve white and black stripe crop top and, a black skater skirt.

I grabbed my keys and walked downstairs into the kitchen.

"JOSH," I screamed.

"YEAH," he yelled back.

"I'm about to head to work, love you," he just yelled a love you and bye.
I grabbed my apple juice out the fridge and my hot fries off the island.

I walked outside and got into my car and, placed my chips on the passenger seat, then my drink in the cup holder.

My song played when I started my car.

"Ya yo, ya yo, moo lah lah, ya yo."
"Bitch better have my money yall should know me well enough."


I finally pulled up at work which was at the mall.

I got this job when I was sixteen and, I have been working here since.

When I was about to open my door a car parked next to mine, and about took my car door off.

I opened my car door again to give this person some words.

When their car door opened, I started talking to them.

"Um fucker in the car," I said in a pissed off tone.

The person finally step out of their car and it was a white boy with sandy hair and Carmel eyes.

He was really cute, I always had a thing for white boys.

That didn't stop me from cussing his ass out.

"Are you going to apologize? You about took my fucking car door off."

He just stared at me, and finally said something, but it was something I didn't want to hear.

"Ha ha, no why would I do that? Your car is perfectly fine, so stop bitching about it." he said.

"Ugh people like you don't have friends, you end up in jail, and be asking their baby mama to help bail your ass out, by having her sell drugs or some shit." I said to him grabbing my apple juice out the car and, turning around shutting my door, maybe I was a little to harsh, no this guys an asshole fuck him.

He shut his car door hard, and I walked past him.

But, I guess things don't work out for me.He grabbed my wrist, and pulled me back then pushed me on to his car.

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