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Tears running down my face like a waterfall, the guy tied me up and tossed me on my bed, I was very uncomfortable, because I didn't have any clothes on and I was shivering. I was praying that somebody anybody would just came and save me.

   The guy had all black on, and had a mask, so I couldn't really tell who he was. He kept pacing back and forth making me nervous, because I don't know what he's going to do to me.

"W- what are you g- going to do to me," I stuttered my words. He didn't say anything, because my phone started to ring and he snatched it, and went outside with it.

  I try to listen to the conversation, but couldn't hear a word he was saying, so I stopped listening. I tried to loosen the knot around my wrist, but it hurt so bad I stopped.

I hear foot steps coming back towards the door.

"W-who was that please just leave me alone, I- I promise I won't say anything, I don't even know what you look like." I said trying to sit myself up, he still didn't say anything.

"Can I at least have something to cover up with-" my head turn to the side and a fast motion, it was seconds later I felt the sting and noticed he slapped me.

"Shut the fuck up god you don't when to shut it," he said it sounded like he was making his voice deeper so I couldn't tell what his real voice sounds like.

"S-sorry I- I just want some clothes," I started crying while looking down, I swear if I wasn't tied up I would have beaten his ass.

There was a knock at the door from the living room, " I'll be back, don't go no where," then he started to laugh and left out of my bed room.

Why was he laughing, and the fuck is at the door? I started squirming in my bed trying to get lose again. There was a tap on my door window on the balcony , I looked up to see Jason.

I smiled so hard, I couldn't be happier to see him at this moment. He started to pick with the lock to open the door, he a eventually got it.

"Baby are you okay? Did he hurt you?" I nodded my head.

"He slapped me in the face," I whispered back to Jason.

"That motherfucker-" we both turned our heads, because we heard footsteps, and the door jiggling. Jason ran to my closet and shut it quickly and quietly.

"Since I know it's your boyfriend playing games, how about I get to the fun part with you." He said walking towards me while undressing. I knew he couldn't do much because Jason wasn't about to let that happen. He stripped down, he only had his boxers on and the ski mask.

"This should be fun," he hovered on top of me. I screamed because he started touching my boobs.

"Get off of me," I tried kicking him off me, but he sat on my legs.

"JASON!" I cried.

"He's not here right now, your boyfriend is fucking up still." It was then that I knew who it was and I was disgusted with him.

"SHAWN GET FUCK OFF OF ME, ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!" I shouted I can't believe my so called best guy friend was going to rape me.

Jason ran out the closet and clocked him out with his gun, and he fell on the floor. Jason ran to me and took the ropes off my wrist.

"Babe watch out," I yelled, but Jason was to late Shawn grabbed him by his shoulders and threw on the ground.

I got up off my bed and ran to my robe and put it on me while Jason and Shawn were tussling on the ground.

Shawn knocked Jason's gun out of his hands and threw it to the other side of the room, and punched Jason in the face.

Shawn pulled his gun out and pointed at Jason, I gasped and put my hands over my mouth. I got up and ran to Jason gun and pointed it at Shawn.

"Don't you fucking dare shoot him Shawn or I swear to god I will kill you," I said the gun shaking in my hands and this was making my heart pound so hard against my chest.

"You wouldn't shoot me, how are you going to pick him over me huh? I'm your best friend, he's the enemy." He yelled.

"If I never figured out who you were, you were going to rape me, and what kind of friend does that huh? So who's the enemy now? So please give me a good reason why I shouldn't shoot you?"

"I don't have time for this shit," he cocked his gun ready to shoot Jason, but he didn't do it fast enough, because I shot him on the side of his stomach.

"Fuck!" He screamed clutching his stomach where I shot him.

Jason got up and kicked the gun out of his hand.

"Go call the police," Jason demanded and I called them.

After I called them I ran to Jason and hugged him and cried into his chest.

He kissed me on the top of my head, "are you okay baby girl," I nodded my head.

"He didn't touch inappropriately when I wasn't here did he?" I shook my head no.

"Shawn how could do this you son of a bitch," I gave him a good blow in the stomach.


"Well were are going to need you to come down to the police station for questioning." The officer said.

"Um do I have to come in today? Because I really don't want to." I told him rubbing my hand against my arm.

"No we will call you when we need you, but no not today."

"Well alright officer, bye."

"Alright Mrs. Tina do you want to have a police officer out here to keep an eye on you." I smiled.

"No I have my boyfriend with me I'll be good, but thanks."

"Alright bye." He walked off my porch I stepped outside just a little to see Shawn he was looking at me. I smiled at him and flipped him, and pretended my fingers were a gun and pretended to shoot him.

I shut my door and went to Jason.

"Come here and give me a kiss." And I have him a peck on the lips.

Jason and I laid on the bed, I got on top of him in a straddling position, he leaned up and hugged me.

"Jason I was so scared, I thought he was really going to rape me."

"I know baby I don't want to leave you by yourself no more, I would have lost it if he really raped you I would have killed him." I just started running my hands through his hair.

"I feel like I'm just losing everyone close to me like they turn on me."

"I wouldn't do that to you baby girl."

I hugged him tighter, "Jason I- I love you so much," I cried into his shoulder, I don't know why I was so emotional, was it because I said I love him and he's the first one, or was it because I was scared to lose him also.

"I love you too baby girl, I love you so so much you." He said just kissing all over my face, I started giggling.

He wiped my tears off my face," don't cry baby girl." I smiled and laid on his chest. For the rest day we laid up with each and I had to explain everything to Josh.

A/N: guys I feel like my story sucks but I'm glad you guys like it I think lol. But I love you guys so much. The next might have a little smut in it if you don't like it don't read it.

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