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It was around ten o'clock when I awoke, from my slumber I was just lying in bed, staring at my beautiful angel. My hand played with her thick curly hair. She was the cutest when she was asleep, but she was beautiful no matter what.

I got out of bed and went down stairs, hearing the guys talk down.

"Aye what's up Jason?" Steve asked, I just looked at him and shrugged.

"Still upset?" Tim asked me, of course I'm still upset, who wouldn't be?

"Of course I am Tim, every time I look at her my heart aches, listen to me I sound like a girl." I grabbed a bottle of apple juice, and sipped on it.

"I mean if anyone of us, went through that we would be sounding just like you, so you don't sound like a girl."

"I just hate that Her brother still doesn't want me to make her remember, it was his dumb idea for me to not visit her in the hospital," I was now getting angry talking about this. God I hate this it's driving me insane. I just want her to remember everything we had, but I promised. Why did I have to make that promise?

I remember everything like it was yesterday, those two phone calls, one announcing that my mother was deceased, and the other one telling me that my girlfriend lost her memory.

That year was the worst for me, I didn't talk to anyone, I did my job and promised Josh that I wouldn't visit Tina in the hospital. He told me that she said she didn't know anyone by the name of Jason. That was painful, I just wanted my girlfriend by my side. Her and my mother were like best friends, and she couldn't come to the funeral because she was in the hospital, and didn't remember us from what Josh had told us.

All Tina remembers is friends and family, but some how she didn't remember me, the things we did together, the laughs, the cries, the angry. She doesn't remember, but I crept my way into her life again. Did Josh like it? No of course he didn't, but he lied for the sake of his sister, he just wants his sister happy, and he know that I make happy, even if I was no good for her.



I woke up to an empty bed, I sighed and got from under the covers, and went downstairs.

I heard the guys talking, but got quiet when they saw me at the step, I'm started to get suspicious when it comes to these guys, even Jason. They always seem to do this to me, I'll leave the room, and come back and they get quiet.

My eyes roamed the kitchen, "good morning guys," I say walking towards Jason, and hugging him from the side leaning my head on his arm.

"Good morning baby girl," he said kissing the top of my head. I smiled into his arm. I swear every time we touch I get this feeling that I can't describe, but it's a amazing feeling.

"Are you hungry?" Jason asked me, I let go of him and walked to the counter and jumped on it, so I was sitting on it.

"No we can get something to eat on the way out," I told him.

"But I am thirsty," I said reaching my hand out towards his Apple juice, Jason doesn't let anyone drink his Apple juice even me.

"No! You can have some water or milk but you can not have my apple juice," he said clenching his Apple juice to his chest.

"Ugh fine, I just wanted a sip," I jumped off the counter, and was about to head up the stairs, but Jason took ahold of my forearm.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you to-" Jason placed his lips on mine, and I smiled while kissing him, I pulled back, and looked into his brown loving eyes. I placed my hand on his cheek, and started rubbing it with my thumb.

"I love you too, Jason I love you to the moon and back." I let go of him and went into his room, so I could get in the shower, and get dressed.


"Jason stop tickling my feet," I said balling my feet, laughing really hard, to the point my stomach was hurting. Jason and I was in the car, my feet in his lap while he was driving. We were on our way to Miami, Florida. I was so ready for this trip.

I placed a fry in my mouth, jamming out to the radio, "Toss me a fry," Jason said I dig my hand into the bag so I could get a fry out. Jason turned his head and I threw the fry to his mouth, ad he caught it.

"Great catch, I give you nine points." I said laughing eating another fry.

"A nine I think I deserve a ten."

"Ha ha no way you get a nine."

"Why do I get a nine?"

"Because I'm still mad that I didn't get a drink of your apple juice." I told him.

"You know I don't let anyone drink my apple juice," he complained, I laughed at him, my laughter died down, and I thought about earlier when I walked into the kitchen and everyone got quiet.



"Why when I walked into the kitchen everyone got quiet? What are you guys hiding from me?" Jason stiffened, and shrugged his shoulders.

"We aren't hiding anything from you," he said, I knew he was lying but I let it go, because I didn't want to argue.

The car ride was silent, for a half an hour, but I didn't let it get to me. I looked a Jason and squinted my eyes at him. He was too busy looking at the rode to notice that I was staring at him.

Whatever he was hiding from me, I'll be sure to get it out of him.

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