His Girl - Jason Voorhees x Reader {Rewrite} by CamsterHale
His Girl - Jason Voorhees x Reader...by ❦cαм❦
(THIS GOT REWRITTEN) [PLEASE NOTE: I'm basing this Jason (appearance-wise) on Part 3 Jason. This Jason Voorhees is played by Richard Brooker, who has BLUE eyes. I don't...
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PJO/HOO x Reader oneshots by oreohnos
PJO/HOO x Reader oneshotsby oreohnos
PJO, HOO, And MCGA (at some point) Not only x readers, some pairings (legit just solangelo) I hope you guys like it! ✨🌺My first oneshot book🌺✨
  • nico
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Daddy by bbygirlglam
Daddyby bella
One word, that's all it took. One simple word that would change the life of many. "Daddy?!" Ranked: #1 - Bieber Fanfic
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Slasher X Reader by Poppy_Crane
Slasher X Readerby Poppy Crane
Just like the name says you meet the slashers and you guys hung out and stuff, it's cool you should read it 😁😁 Chapters 1-25 belong to @Eddieskabbtie after that chapte...
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B A N G // Riverdale by Cece20102
B A N G // Riverdaleby Sierra 20102
Melanie James Cooper. A bright eyed girl who never doubted the kindness in someone's heart. That's why everyone who knew her assumed Riverdale to be the best place for h...
  • story
  • cooper
  • love
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Throne of Atlantis// Aquaman by Geekasauruz
Throne of Atlantis// Aquamanby Geekator
"The war is coming to the surface whether you like it or not. You are not going to win this."
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ditto // a david dobrik fanfic by dummydobrik
ditto // a david dobrik fanficby ♡ kass ♡
"I know I might seem like this big, arrogant, jerk who vlogs his friends in pain for fun. But I'm not. And you are the only person who understands that, understands...
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Psycho by brienicole
Psychoby brienicole
Katie is a psychologist for criminals, and is very good at her job. But what happens when she is faced with a new challenge that is Jason McCann, America's most wanted...
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QUEEN| ATHUR CURRY (AQUAMAN) by ladivinaemilia
"You make me feel like I do something right in my life, Amara." "I feel the same way, Arthur." In which the oldest, strongest person on earth falls...
  • mera
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Agent 13 (Book 1) by Quidam13
Agent 13 (Book 1)by ~K~
"With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down." "On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down." ***...
  • action
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  • zack
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Damaged ➱  A Joker/Jared Leto Fanfiction by xox-xoox-xox
Damaged ➱ A Joker/Jared Leto Fanf...by Emilia-Lee
[COMPLETED✔️] #1 in -> #suicidesquad "I'm just gonna hurt ya, really really bad" A Jared Leto Joker Fanfiction
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Finding Your Mate at His Bachelor Party?...Awkward. (Slowly Editing) by BryWrites
Finding Your Mate at His Bachelor...by =)
So he's the groom and she's the stripper...think it stops there? Not even close. Throw in a -*crazed stalker-ish ex boyfriend *a psychotic, power-obsessed fiance' *the f...
  • awkward
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Agent 57 (Book 2) by Quidam13
Agent 57 (Book 2)by ~K~
"She was my best friend. Someone I trusted far more than anyone else." "What was she like?" "She was worse than Devin if you can believe that.&q...
  • guns
  • ryder
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Bleachers by AnythingElseToAdd
Bleachersby c
In which a boy named David, who is sitting on the bleachers and watching the soccer practice, clumsily knocks over his bottle of cola, which lands on Lainey, who was sit...
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Bughead's Serpent Princess by writingbymolls
Bughead's Serpent Princessby M 💗
Betty and Jughead are hopelessly in love, but when a baby comes into the picture and all heck is thrown their way, how does Bughead handle the pressure? TRIGGER WARNING...
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It's Called Clickbait Baby | David Dobrik by daniguitar101
It's Called Clickbait Baby | David...by Dani
Taylor Fuller has lived in Dallas Texas her entire life. She decided to start a new life for herself in Los Angeles in her small apartment in Hollywood. What happens whe...
  • david
  • hussar
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Starbucks Lovers (Percabeth AU) by SkyeSolace
Starbucks Lovers (Percabeth AU)by Young Fun Now
Percy works at a Starbucks in New York, he has graduated high school his life is average but he's still single he has no interest in women ,until a certain blonde hair g...
  • hazel
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Before We Say Goodbye || HoO x Reader Oneshots by cosmogyralthoughts_
Before We Say Goodbye || HoO x Rea...by cosmogyralthoughts_
"I guess you are the best at something. Your ego is so big- and you're such an idiot- that if I wanted to kill myself, I'd climb on your ego and jump to your IQ. No...
  • sad
  • death
  • leo
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The Rejection by groovee
The Rejectionby sabrina
Hope was rejected by her mate when she was fourteen. The pain was too much, so she became a rogue and ran away. Three years later, the seventeen-year-old Hope returns to...
  • teen
  • pain
  • werewolf
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sirens - david dobrik by acciomoon
sirens - david dobrikby acciomoon
that story where sophia's world gets turned around by the goofiest smile on the internet. "why the fuck does the night always end in sirens dobrik?" "caus...
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