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"Jason how did you know I was at the store?" I asked him stopping at the red light.

"I didn't I was on a walk, and I saw your car so I just went up to your car, and asked about your friend since she doesn't know how to pick up a phone." he huffed I wanted to laugh at him, but I know he was pissed so I didn't.

I didn't want to sit with an awkward silence, so I turn on the radio.

Jason just sits there with his head against the window tapping his finger on his leg. I really need to stop running into him, he's bad for me and I know it. Josh would not want me seeing him either if he knew what he did for a living. I'm over here thinking we're about to be some type of couple NO!

"Tina!" Jason yelled my named I turned to him giving him a questioning look.

"The light turned green," he said pointing at the light. "Oh shoot, sorry," it was then I noticed cars were honking at me.

Haha oops my bad.

"Are you okay?" Jason asked me with a chuckle.

"Umm yeah I guess." I told him pulling into his driveway. "Okay, well if you want to talk about it you can call me," he said opening the car door.

Is he being serious right now?

"I'm pretty sure you wouldn't listen, or care, but thank you though." I said smiling, he smiled back at me.

"Well thank you for the ride, but before I go-" he got back in the car and grabbed my phone and took a picture of himself.

"What are you doing Jason?" I asked yelling/laughing at him.

"Um obviously taking a picture of my fine ass,"I said licking his lips, god he does not need to do that.

"Haha, Oh my gosh Jason, bye." I said leaning into the passenger side to shut the door.

"Wait!" He pulled me a little more forward and laid his lips on top on mine, and pulled back and left.

I placed my fingers on my lips in smiled.

Oh god.

"Josh I'm back!" I yelled shutting the front door, walking to the kitchen to put the food up.

"About freaking time, Tina I'm not ever asking you to get me food for dinner ever again," he said I laughed at him, if only he knew what happen he would understand, but I'm not going to tell him.

"Help me make this food, little girl." he said taking the food out the plastic bags.

"Hey I'm not a little girl anymore, and yes I'll help you, because I don't trust you cooking my food anymore," I squinted my eyes at him and laughed.

He knows what I'm talking about, one day Josh was cooking chicken Alfredo, and let's just say the sauce wasn't sauce.

"That was one time, I didn't mean to," he said with a frown on his face.

"Aww it's okay," I said In a baby voice, "You can go, I'll cook." I told him and he gave me a peace sign and left.

I rolled my eyes at him, and laughed my brother is a dork.

I started cooking and finished about a hour later.

My chili was flame, because I'm just a good cook like that.

"Oh shoot I forgot to tell you Becky came over while you were gone." I turned to him so fast.

"What did she want? What did she say?" I asked anxiously

"Is there something I need to know?" He asked me.

"No, no um she just hasn't communicated with me in a while." I told him.

"She didn't really say anything, she kind of looked sick if you asked me."

"What type of sick?" I need to know if she okay, even though I pissed at her.

"Not to be rude, but like she was on some type of drugs."


My brother gave me a what's going on look, but I ignored it and went to my room to get my phone and call Becky.

I called her a couple a times, she finally answered.


"Tina, I need a favor," she was crying.

"What's the matter Becky are you okay?"

"No, I did something bad."


"I stole something, and I really need to borrow some money." she said I already knew what she stole but I wanted to asked anyway.

"What did you steal Becky?" I asked her in a stern voice.

"Drugs." I hope she don't think I'm about to give her money for what she did.

"So can I borrow some money?" I knew she was faking her cry, because her voice changed, like a bitch I need some money you gonna help me out voice.

"No I'm not, you shouldn't have stole Jason's drugs."

"Wait how did you know I stole from Jason? I didn't tell you who I stole from."

"Shit!" I thought.

"Bye Becky find money somewhere else, because I can't give it to you." I hung up my phone and tossed it.

That just really pissed me off, I haven't spoken to her in like three days, she lifted me at a party which I could have been killed at. Now she's calling me from money, because she stole drugs that didn't belong to her.

What happen to my friend that I knew, she has changed so much, well I need to stop hanging out with her, but I'm not going to let her just throw her life away.

I grabbed my phone went to look at the photo of Jason, and went downstairs, and sat in the love seat next to Josh.

"So schools starts in two days, are you ready?" He asked me.

"Yeah, can't believe I'm a senior this year this year is going to go by fast." I said locking my phone. I haven't went school shopping yet, probably go tomorrow.

I locked my phone and placed it in my lap.

"I know I remember my senior year it was awesome the parties, the chicks." he laughed.

"Oh Tina can I use your phone? I broke mine I need to call in at the hospital."

"Yeah here." I handed him my phone.

He got up and just started walking around, he knew my passcode, so I didn't have to do it for him.

"Um Tina why do you have a picture of Jason McCann on your phone?"

Oh crap!

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