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I screamed and then he took off his mask. "Jason! Don't do that," I said hitting him in the arm.

"Aww baby I'm sorry, I love you ," he grabbed my face with his hand, making me look like I was pouting, and kissed me on the lips.

"I love you, but you scared the shît out of me so I hate you," I pouted and looked down.

Jason grabbed my waist and pulled me into a hug, " baby I'm sorry you know I was kidding-" I looked up and started laughing.

"Gotcha, I'm not sad, just don't do that again or we're fighting, okay?"

"Okay," I told him good, Jason surprised my by picking me up, and running into the living room with me, I was just laughing up a storm.

He threw me on the couch, "So about this talk?" I said getting right to the point.

"Well you see, the guys and I have a business trip in Miami," my mouth fell agape.

"Miami, as like Miami, Florida," Jason just nodded his head.

"For how long?" I asked crossing my arms. He shrugged his shoulders at me. If he wasn't going to tell me, I'll just get it out of him.

"I wanted you to come with me actually..." I looked him like he was crazy, I'm not trying to be killed.

"No Jason do you know how dangerous that is?"

"Yeah I know but take risks it's kind of fun, I promise you won't get hurt as long as you're with me you won't be I love you too much for you to get hurt." I debated whether or not I should go. I need to get use to this he is my boyfriend, I believe Jason wouldn't hurt me.

"Sure I'll go," I said smiling.

"Really?" I watched his eyes light up with excitement, when I said I would go. I just looked at him smiling, I know Jason and I just met this year, but really does make me happy. I thought I wasn't going to like him ever.

"Really!" I said smiling.

"So how long is the trip, and when are we leaving?" I asked him. I hope this trip is going to be fun, and I hope I don't get hurt, but I really trust Jason, when he said I wouldn't get hurt.

"It's tomorrow, and we leave at noon, so you can start packing now, and you can stay the night at the house." I nodded my head and went up the stairs.

I packed all the things I needed hair stuff, toothbrush, shirts, pants, panties, and bras. I had it all together, but it felt like I was missing something.

Violet, who's going to watch her Josh is never home, I don't know anyone schedules.

"Jason! Come here please!" I yelled.

"I'm right here," I jumped and placed my hand over my heart, was he up here the whole time?

"How long were you up here?" I asked my heart still pondering really hard.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, my heart still beating normal speed again.

"Long enough to see those sexy panties and bras." He said pushing his weight off the door and heading towards me.

"Who's going to watch violet, as much as I want her to go, I don't want to watch her." I told him still thinking of someone who can watch my puppy.

"How about that one girl that you take to school?"

"Carmen, yeah I'll give her a call."


After talking to Carmen she said she would watch my baby, Jason and I took Violet to Carmen's house, we gave her everything that she needed for Violet. I thanked her and left.

Jason and I was now at his house eating junk food, watching movies.

"You know that court date with Shawn is coming up are you ready for it?" I forgot all about that, I honestly don't want to go. It's sad that my own friend was going to rape me. The tears were threatening to come out, but it's not worth it, I hope he rots in hell.

I inhaled and exhaled, I grabbed the M&Ms and threw them in my mouth. When I have a situation Or when I'm sad I either eat it away or take a long hot bath.

"I just want to get it done and over with, I want him to get locked up for what he did, that bastard." Jason rubbed my thigh, and I sighed. I turned my body so my head was laying on his lap. Jason started running his hand through my hair, and it felt good and relaxing.

"Tomorrow going to be fun I promise, I have stuff planed out for us to do." I looked up at him, and smiled.

"Do you know beautiful you are," my heart started beating fast at his words, my body got tingles, and I blushed mad hard.

"No," I told him.

"Well you are the most gorgeous, women I ever laid eyes on, you make me happy, when you smile I feel fire rush through me, when you laugh, I can't help but to smile." He said I wrapped my arms around his waist and snuggled into him.

He smelled so good, just being with him felt like home, if that makes sense .

"Jason you make me happy on so many levels, when I see I can't help but to have butterflies in my stomach, your voice is sexy, especially when you wake up, you tell me things about myself that no one else has, I love you Jason." I yawned and closed my eyes, and opened them back up again.

"I love you too baby girl," I yawned again getting more tired, Jason noticed my sleepiness, and picked my up and carried me to his room. He handed my one of his shirts, and I put it on, while he was getting dressed also.

I climbed into the bed, and got under his silky covers, his bed was so comfy, that I probably won't wake up tomorrow to leave. Jason got into bed, and got under the covers, he turned off the nightlight, and pulled me into him. I wrapped my arms around him, and wrapped his arms around me.

"Goodnight baby girl, love you."

"Night love you too Jason," with that we closed our eyes and slowly fell asleep.

(Happy Halloween children!! I hope you had fun. Thank you guys for all the reads I honestly feel like this story sucks ass. I need to spice it up ;))

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