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t i n a

"Tina you look like shit, are you okay?" Gloria asked me, and I shook my head yes.

"Just feeling a little under the weather today," I told her, she walked up to me, and put the back of her hand on my head. she snatched her hand away from my forehead.

"Tina you're burning hot!"

"It's probably my medication," I told her waving her off, but she didn't let it go.

"Tina I'm taking you home, I'll bring your homework to you, okay?" I jut nodded my head not really caring what she was telling me, I just needed a bed, and cold water.

"Gloria I'm not feeling so goo-" I placed my hand over my mouth, and ran to the girls restroom, and went into the first stall, and emptied my stomach.

I heard Gloria's foot steps behind me.

"Oh my god I'm taking you to the doctor's!" She yelled, I got up and washed up.

"No, I don't want to go I've been there to many times this year." I said, I honestly was sick of that place, and I think if I go there again I'll explode.

"Okay, but you need to go home that's for sure." I nodded, and headed out the bathroom, and school doors.

"Are you okay to drive on your own?" Gloria asked me, and I told her yeah I was fine.

"I'm going to stop by later on to check on you, and give your homework to you." She told me, and hugged me.

We pulled apart, and I got into my car and drove home, fighting my sleep, because I was really tired. I pulled in the driveway, and got out of my car, and walked to the porch fishing for the house key.

  I found the house key and unlocked the door, and walked in shutting and locking it behind me.

My phone buzzed, and I looked at the screen to see it was Josh calling me, and I answered my phone.


"Hey T, can you come to the hospital I need to speak to you, and don't bring Jason or anyone at that matter." He said to me hanging.

  "Well, okay?" I sighed, and pulled out my car keys, and got back in my car.


"Hey I'm her for my brother, Josh?" I walked up to the front desk.

  "He's in his office," the nurse smiled at me, and smiled back, and walked to his office knocking on the door.

"Come in!" I opened the door, and sat down in the burgundy color chair.

"So what is it that you want, that you couldn't tell me on the phone josh?" I asked yawning I was really tired, and needed some sleep.

"Good thing you're sitting, but have you been feeling tired, sick to your stomach lately?" I leaned forward, and yawned.

  "Yes, extremely why?" I asked him feeling a knot from in my throat.

"We ran your urine test, for birth control shot, and it came back that you're pregnant Tina." When Josh said that my heart drop. I didn't believe a word he was saying there was no way in hell I could be pregnant. I had just got my shot, I was always on time.

   "Josh, I don't believe you," he leaned over his desk, and handed my papers. I pulled my glasses out of my purse, and started reading the papers, and he started pointing places on the paper.

  "Oh my god I can't be pregnant I just can't be," I paused and looked up to my brother," I have to go to college, and then worry about children, shit I haven't even finished HIGH SCHOOL YET!" I yelled the last part, and when I thought I was stressing bad it just got worse.

  "Tina I know we aren't on good terms, and I totally understand, but I will help you through this," he said reaching over grabbing my hand.

  "Thanks Josh I appreciate this, um I think I'm going to head out, love you." I walked out the hospital and pulled out my cellphone.

  "Hey I need to talk to you whenever you get this."


j a s o n

"Dude I don't know if I like this one," I huffed out I was getting really frustrated.

"Jason pick a fucking ring, she will like any one of them just grab one," I smacked Derek upside his head I swear I couldn't get help from anyone of them.

   "Umm? Can I get your help?" I walked up to a elderly lady, she jumped a little when she saw my face nothing new about that.

  "I'm trying to find a ring for my girlfriend," I told her, and she nodded her head, and started speaking to me showing me around the small jewelry store.

I finally found the ring that will put a smile on my beautiful girlfriends face, and I pointed at the lovely displayed ring.

  "That one," I pointed," will be perfect." she pulled it out, and I grabbed it, and examined it like it was a test.

"How much?" I asked.

"Finally!" Derek yelled.


t i n a

                  I parked the car, and walked on the slightly dead grass, and walked up to my parents grave, and sat down.

  "Hey mom and dad, I came out here because I really needed someone to talk to about this," I said already shedding tears.

  "So I guess I'm pregnant," I chuckled wiping the tears that fell down my cheeks.

  "I went to store, and bought pregnancy test because I didn't believe Josh, but why would he lie to me about something like that? I guess I was shocked that's why I didn't believe him, and we been going through it also."  I sighed.

"They all came back positive, what am I suppose to do with a child? I still have to finish college, and they way Jason's life is set up we aren't ready for a kid." I said.

I sat there for a few more minutes and talked, and placed my flowers on their graves, and got in my car, and left. I went to Panda Express and got some food, and went home eat then took a nap.

I woke up from a good nap from someone yelling.

"Tina what the hell is this!"


Sorry guys school and work has been kicking my ass, and I hope you like this chapter because I don't know if I do. And Justin bitch ass still got is account deactivated.

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