twenty- two

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"No Tina you don't hold it like that, here let me show you." Jason walked behind me and wrapped his arms around me I got goosebumps with his skin touching mine. He's teaching me how to shoot a gun, and yes I'm at the shooting range.

"Now here I want you to have a firm grip on the gun like this."he took my hand and made me gripped the gun with my right hand, and kept it like that until he told me the next step. "Okay now take you left hand and place it on top  of your right, now have your right thumb further up than your left."

I did that, and put my right hand pointer finger against the right side of the pistol.

"Good good, now cock the gun, okay now aim the gun, place your index on the trigger." Jason whispered in my ear, a chill ran down my spine. He unwrapped himself from me and got back.

"Now shoot!" Jason shouted I took a deep breath, and took fire. I put the gun down and took off my goggles and looked at where I shot at. I hit right in the middle my mouth fell open, a second later it turned into a big grin. I turned to look at Jason his mouth was opened just like mine was a few seconds ago.

"Well damn baby girl," he paused and shook his head, "did you know how to shoot a gun all a long."

"Nope this is my first time every doing something like this, honest." I said putting my hands up, Jason smiled, his smile made butterflies in my tummy. he walked towards me and grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

I looked up at him and smiled at him, he leaned down and placed our lips together, I placed my hand on the back of his neck pulled him closer if that was possible, I just wanted him closer to me.

He pulled back, "we can save the rest for when we get back to my place," I blushed and looked away from him.

"Now lets shoot a couple more." I nodded my head and picked up the gun, and repeated my action I did before.


Lately Jason and I have been touchy feel-ly, but it's just been kissing and grinding against each other, it sounds weird, but once your doing it you can't judge. I want it to go further than that, but I don't how to approach the subject to Jason, I don't want it to be awkward.

Jason and I are now in the schools parking lot. He's dropping me off at school today since I stayed with him these past few days, and I don't have my car.

"Love you Jason I'll call you when I get out of school." I leaned in and pecked his lips, and got out of his car. I walked into the school double doors and went to the office. They told me yesterday that there will be a new student and I have to show them around the school.

"Hey Mrs.Cater," I walked up to the table stand, and leant against it.

"Hey Tina the new student is the right there," I turned around and looked at the girl she pointed to, she was mexican, she had long hair it was curled, she was very pretty. I walked to her and introduced myself to her.

"Um hey my name is Tina, I'll be showing you around." I told her and smiled, she smiled back.

"Hey Tina I'm Gloria, it's nice to meet you." she gave me a hug, I let out a giggle and hugged her back.

"It's nice to meet you too," I pulled back from the hug. "Was that weird, I'm sorry I'm just really nervous, and I'm a hugger."

"Haha it's okay are you ready to walk around, and learn where your classes are, and where places are."

"So Gloria where are you from?" I asked her walking down the main hall.

"Oh I'm from here, but I moved to Texas when I was little." she told me.

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