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It's been a week days since I got back home from Florida, I just wanted to leave and forget. Jason had to take me to the hospital that day, because I hit my head pretty hard on the floor, and got an concussion.

They recommended me these pills to help out with my headache. Jason has been over everyday making sure I was alright, and not dead.

Since I been back Josh has been off, and it's weird, he's been home a lot lately which is rare. I thought he lost his job or something, but he hasn't. He hasn't mention Cecelia at all, and she hasn't been over.

When I picked up my dog from Carmen house, Cecelia was acting like she didn't want to speak. The only thing that came to mind is that Josh and Cecelia broke things off, and I want to know why.

Break was almost over, and I was sad because I didn't want to go to school, even I oh need to go half a day.

I called Carmen and Gloria and asked they wanted to go out, and do something I didn't want to spend my last days stuck in this house.

I went to pick Carmen up first since she lives right down the street, I honked the horn, and Carmen came running out of the house, and got in the passenger seat.

"Oh my god why does it feel like I haven't seen you forever?" Carmen said and laughed.

I shrugged my shoulders, and laughed.

"Oh guess who freaking pregnant!" She yelled.

"Your mom?"

"No! freaking Becky." I looked at her with big eyes.

"By who?"

"I don't know, but we will find out soon." I was kind of shocked, but at the same time I wasn't, because she was always a dick loving ho-

"So how are you and your boo thang Jason?" She asked me cutting me out of my thoughts.

"Oh we are good, real good." I told her blushing. I pulled into Gloria's driveway, and she hopped in.

"Girl I missed you."

"I missed you too."

"How are you feeling, your head?"

"It still hurts some times, but it's okay." I told her pulling out her driveway, and back to the road to head to the mall.

"Tina dude you're glowing, did Jason finally hit it." I laughed and looked down for a split second, when I was at a red light.

"Yeah..." I said shyly.

"Oh don't act shy now," Gloria said, laughing well clapping her hands.

"So tell us how was it?" They both looked at me.

"He was amazing, like I don't even know how to explain how amazing it was just know it was good."

"Get it girl, so how big was he?" Gloria asked.

"Not giving all that out." I pulled into a parking spot, and parked the car.

"Damn he was little wasn't he?" I busted out laughing Gloria was goofy, and I love having her around, because I needed a laugh.

"Far from little actually." I said smirking.

"So where we off to first?" Carmen asked, and we decided, we will go to the shoe place first then start with clothing stores.

Then we were off.


I dropped the girls off, and went to Jason's house, he texted me and told me to.

When we got back he's been watching me hard, and I don't mind it at all that's telling me he cares, and he's scared something might happen again.

Also when we got back we have had sex a couple more times, and it was still amazing he always going slow, but I know he wants it rough, I told him I didn't mind if he wanted to do it that way, because it doesn't hurt no more.

His response was," I don't want to hurt you," I would just smile at him.

We were in the house, because it was kind of chilly, and watched a movie, and talked.

"So who is Derek girlfriend I never asked you, and he never told me?"

"I honestly have no clue he doesn't bring the girl around at all." He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder I leaned in and Laid my head on his.

"Oh, guess what? Becky is pregnant." Jason laughed when I told him.

"I'm not surprised, by who?"

"I don't know yet, but we will all soon find out I feel bad for the baby daddy."

"Are you staying the night? I want you to." Jason asked me, and I told him yeah.

"I have to go home to get my medicine." I told.

"I can go get them for you or we can go together."

"We can go together, I need certain things, and I don't feel like explaining what they are next to." We got off the couch, and I put on my shoes, and got in my car.

"You're driving I don't feel like it," I laughed I get tired of driving.

  "Fine bossy," I laughed some more.

"I'm not bossy, you are." We pulled off, and was on the road.

"Yes you are, but I love it and you." Jason and I jokingly argued back and forth until we got to my house, Josh's car was in the driveway.

  "Are you coming In or staying the car?" I asked getting out about to shut the door.

"I'll come in," I waited for him, and went into the house.

  Apparently Josh wasn't the only one here, because I heard yelling from upstairs, then they came downstairs arguing.

"Josh you are the fucking father, how many times do I have to tell you, we were both drunk, and we didn't know what was happening." I recognized the voice coming down it was Becky.

"You are making it seem like that was the only time we had sex Becky, and I know I'm the father, god what am I going to tell my sister?"

I was in pure shock, my own brother had sex with my ex best friend, and got her pregnant.

They both came downstairs, and my mouth was agape when I saw them.

Jason turned to me with shock written on his face also. 

  "Well I guess we found out who the baby daddy was." Jason lightly whispered, and kind of chuckled, and I punched him in his arm.

"Not funny, guys what fuck?" I yelled I was shitty, and I was ready to go off.

A/N: sorry guys took me a minute, but a little bit of drama for you. Josh wtf bro I thought you were better than that.

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