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"Tina what the hell is this?" Gloria shouted from downstairs, and I ran down the steps.

"That's what I left you a voicemail about..." I told her patiently waiting for her to say something . I could see in her face that she was worried about me.

"How many pregnancy test did you take?" She asked with a sigh, whilst running her forehead.

I held up four fingers," what am I going to do? What should I do? I'm so confused." I cried.

"Does Jason know yet?" I shook my head no to answer her question.

"Do you want to tell him today?"

"No I don't think I'm ready I want to give this a week to think about, this is a baby we are talking about here," I said placing my hand over my belly still shocked to that I'm pregnant.

"Well if you don't want him to know throw away those pregnancy test, and cover them up, do you know when he's supposed to be here?" She asked me.

"No I don't, but I'll give him a call," I told her, pulling out my phone the same time I was speaking.

  I dialed his number, and he picked up right away.

  "Hey baby girl what's up?" He said.

"Oh nothing I was just wondering when you were coming home I got out of school early because I wasn't feeling good, and I just wanted to know when you were coming home?" I asked him my hands getting sweaty, my nerves were getting the best of me.

  "I probably be home around 5:30-ish I don't know, but are you okay baby do you need me to pick you up anything?" Jason asked me, I swear he's the best, it makes me less nervous knowing I have a great boyfriend that would try to help me with anything.

  "Yeah just girly problems, but could you bring back some ice cream?" I asked him.

  "Twix?" He asked, and I laughed.

"You know it, be careful love you," I told him.

"Love you," he said and I hung up.

"He said that he probably won't be home until like 5:30-ish so that's plenty of time to talk to you." I told her putting my phone back in my pocket.

"Okay, so how did you find out?" She asked me, and we sat on the couch.

"My brother called me earlier and told me to come to the hospital, and I did, and then he told me I was pregnant."

"Wow I was going to ask earlier today if you were," I gasped.

"How rude," I told her, and she laughed at me.

"Because you were vomiting in the girls bathroom, I just assumed sorry."

"It's okay, but I have a tiny little baby in my stomach what am I going to do?" I asked her.

"Honestly I don't know what to tell you, but no matter what you choose I'll by your side." She told me, and I smiled.

"Thank you, all I have to say is that I know I can't keep this from Jason because this is big, and I need to talk to him about this, but I'm scared."

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