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Two months later

Jason and I have been dating for three months, and everything has been going well so far, we've been on a couple of dates, and we went out of town a little couple times.

Josh and Cecelia have finally got together, I was kind of happy, because I always wanted a older sister someone to talk to about boy problems.

She asked me if Jason and I had sex yet, and of course we haven't, I'm to scared, and I feel like we should wait a little longer.

Becky has tried to contact me, but I haven't been answering, I really don't have time for it.

I was currently at the store buying food for dinner tonight. I looked at the Arizona tea and smiled, it reminded me of Jason I haven't seen him in two weeks. I miss him like crazy the FaceTiming and calling and texting wasn't enough for me.

He had to hit up a couple places out of town, and he told me he would be back in two more days. I can't believe I like a criminal, no I can't believe I date one. Never would have imagined.

Ever since Jason's has been gone, I've been having this feeling someone has been following me. The phone calls that I been receiving have been getting worse.

When I got home from school a couple days ago, I had a letter on my front porch saying,"I will see you soon," I haven't told Jason about it, because I don't want him to worry bout it and I don't want him to yell at me.

I can't say that our relationship is all perfect, because he gets mad when I do certain things, and I get mad when he does stuff too, but all relationships are like that.

I grabbed some 2% gallon of milk, and some Cheerios and put them in the grocery cart, and went to the line because I was done.

I walked outside, and started shivering it was the beginning of October and it was freezing cold. I love this month because I love me some sweaters, and hot chocolate and just watching movies, with Becky.

Its not going to be the same, and we would hangout, and just chill and talk about our lives, and celebrate my birthday October 10.

My birthday was less than a week away, I didn't know what I wanted for my birthday this year.

Putting all the groceries in the back of the trunk. I walk around to the driver door, but when I opened my door there was a black rose and white rose on my seat along with a note.

I opened the note to read what it said, and it said," I can't wait to see that beautiful smile of yours," I read aloud.

I put the roses and the note on the other seat, and drove away from the store fast. I was honestly scared, because one I swear I locked my car door, before I went into the store.

I arrived at home, and grabbed all the groceries and ran to the house door, I don't like the fact that I have a stalker, I might have to tell Jason, because this is kind of getting out of hand. When I unlocked the door I slammed it shut and locked it.

I put the food up, and went to my room, and decided I wanted to take a shower, because I just wanted to relax.

I started stripping, and I put my clothes in the dirty hamper, and wrapped a towel around me. I wanted to take a bath instead so, I put the tub plug in, and filled it up with hot water and bubbles.

I turned on some music, and dropped the towel, and got in. I immediately relaxed, the hot water felt so good on my brown skin. I had a black hair tie around my wrist, and made my hair into a bun so it won't get wet.

I dipped a little lower into the steaming hot water,my shoulder still above the water, and I closed my eyes, and started humming to that was playing.

I started thinking about A lot of stuff, Jason and I could do when he gets back, we still haven't went to the shooting range we can do that.

Just when I was about to get out, hands were placed on my shoulders, and I screamed at the top of my lungs, whoever the person was put a hand over my mouth, and my screams became muffled, in the back of my head I just wanted Jason here a tear slipped down from my eye.

The person shushed me, and started kissing my neck, and all I was thinking about was that I just want Jason here to save me.


I was in this dusty ass hotel, getting money from S.T. I sold him some coke a couple days ago, and he didn't have my money, so I gave him a day to have my money, or I will have kill him. He didn't have it, but he called me saying that he had it, so here I am getting my money.

"So Jason is life going for you?" S.T. Asked I just glared at him getting annoyed with him, he's stalling and I know it.

"None of your god damn business, give me my money or I will just shoot you I don't have time for this." I pulled out my gun and pointed it at him.

"But Jason I don't think you would want to do that," he said he's up to something, and I know it I'm just ready to kill him.

"Why wouldn't I? Because it would be fun to see you 6 feet under don't you think?" I smirked.

"Would it be fun to see your girlfriend 6 feet under also?" That's when I got pissed and he smiled, because he knew he had something against me.

"How the fuck do you know about my girlfriend," I said putting my finger on the trigger ready to shoot this son of a bitch.

"I've had someone follow her around since you've been gone, I didn't have your money, and I remember someone mentioning that Jason McCann had a girlfriend, so I asked who she was, and they the said sweet miss Tina." He smiled walking around.

"And I was like that name sounds so familiar, then it hit me like a truck my little brother has a friend name Tina," I made a sour face, then I realized who he brother was.

"Shawn is your little brother isn't he? Wow what snake in the grass." I was so salty right now, I was ready to beat ass.

"Ding ding ding you have the right answer, my little brother always talks about that girl, so I was like why won't Shawn have his little moment with Tina."

"What do you mean his moment with Tina?" I beyond pissed off at this point, I'm surprised I haven't shot him yet.

"Like since you took her away from him, he was really devastated that you took her away from him, he had so much hatred towards that he would do anything to get you guys to break up."

"He would call her, and tell her stuff that you did, leave letters, and more, guys crazier than what he sounds like, and I know that he's with her right now kissing her touching her something that you aren't doing," I don't know if he's lying, but like if he was reading my mind he answered my question.

"Oh if you don't believe me give her a call." He smiled.

I had my gun still pointed at him, and I pulled out my phone my pocket, and gave her a call.

"About fucking time, you know you are a bad boyfriend right?" It was Shawn that answered her phone.

"Thanks for letting me have her for the night, she is wonderful in bed," and with that he hung up. I was furious I ran to S.T and knocked his head with the gun, and he fell to the ground I started punching, and kept punching until, I couldn't recognize his face.

"Ha ha after all these years you still let pussy get the best of you," he said in a raspy voice I lifted myself up off the ground, I cocked the gun and pulled the trigger and BANG! He was gone.

I ran out of the dusty hotel, and drove back to my home town, ready to kill that son of a bitch Shawn.

A/N: I feel iffy about this chapter but aye, I watch the perfect guy last night, I didn't really like it I thought it would be good, it all happened to fast for my liking.

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