Ch 18: The Chase

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This is where Eclipse begins. I just love how nice Avalei fits into the story line now. Oh btw I know I said that Avalei is in a lower grade than the others but I'm making it so that she's in the same grade as them so that they'll graduate together. Lets just say that she had so many higher level classes that she has enough credits to graduate early. Eclipse has got to be my fav book/movie along side breaking dawn part two. So this ones going to be long and Avalei filled. Okay on with the story.

Avalei's POV

So it's been about a month since that talk with Jacob and I. And we've never been closer.

I'm actually happy, like really happy, the happiest I've ever been since I can remember

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I'm actually happy, like really happy, the happiest I've ever been since I can remember. Its gone back to living the same way I used to live before my family left. I get to visit La Push a lot to hang with Jake and the pack and I also get to spend time catching up with my family.

Since being with the pack, Quil also phased. So that makes 8 of them total now. It was nice to have Quil finally a part of the pack knowing he was the last one to join from the trio with Jake and Embry. It does make me think sometimes when am I going to phase. Guess we'll have to wait and see what will really tick me off...

Though, I'd say we've never been closer. The pack has gotten used to my company, well they already did besides Leah but I feel like if I can just have time to just talk to her, then maybe we'll understand each other better. Though, it'll be hard trying to get time alone if the packs' always around or Jacob won't let me out of his sights either.

Now Seth's a sweetheart. He's such a happy-go-lucky down to earth kind of guy. I'd say next to Jacob, Seth's my favorite and the closest to me like Embry. Seth's like the little brother I always wanted. Although, he's taller than me just like the others. He looks up to Jacob a lot so I find it cute even though Jake says he annoys him sometimes. Seth's also my favorite because unlike the other guys, he actually likes my family, says they're cool. He's also pretty fond of Bella which really makes him like a mini Jacob, but a lot less sarcastic or snideful sometimes.

I've even met the others' imprints. Jared's imprint Kim she's a year older than me but she's really cool. Rachel, Paul's imprint who is also Jacob's sister is really nice though she only visits a few times due to college. I've even gotten to spend time over at Seth's to be around Sue a few times and I got to meet little Claire, who is 3 and so adorable.

They've also gotten used to me being a hybrid. Well, probably besides Leah. Though they all still resent me of drinking any blood but they've learned to deal with it. They've also gotten used to me being Jake's imprint and I his as we're like constantly together. For most part. Aside from his patrols and when I'm hanging with my family, its always been us. Inseparable. We've gotten to know each other a lot more. Its been nice.

Though I can't help but shake this feeling that Jake is a little different. I mean ever since that confrontation with Bella and Edward, he's been a little down. Though, I'd always try to distract him with some playing with my powers to a kiss or two.

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