Ch 1: Avalei

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Avalei Koda, a 6 year old girl wanders the forest bordering Canada and Washington as she runs away from something she didn't know what it was. But whatever it was, just killed her family and now it was after her.

"Come here little one, you cannot run away from me." The creepy voice behind her taunted. Although he was playing with her because he could easily catch her, this was his game. She continued to run.

"No! Get away from me! You are a monster!" Avalei yelled, still running. It wasn't until she came across a small stream where she swam across and looked back.

The man with golden hair stood at the end of the stream where she started, smiling at her, his red eyes staring straight at her.

"Oh a little stream wont hold me back, cold water makes the blood a lot easier to manage." The man said as he crossed the stream with ease. Avalei shivered as she continued to run again until she tripped on a branch and twisted her ankle. She broke down crying, not looking up knowing the man would just be there ready to kill her.

But before anything happened to her, the man was gone. Instead in the far distance, a family of pale individuals similar to the man but much less, harmless, hears the cries of Avalei.

"Hey hold on, there's someone here." One of the guys with bronze colored hair announced to his family, stopping them from going any further on their hunt.

"Its a little girl. She needs our help." One pixie looking girl said right before they all darted off in the direction of the cries.

They soon found themselves surrounding where the small cries were coming from. Avalei still didnt look up from her fetal position on the ground, still anticipating her death by the man.

"Careful, shes hurt. And scared. There was a nomad chasing her." The bronze haired boy stated quietly no human ears could hear.

One blonde girl approached her slowly, trying to be as gentle and as harmless, "Hey, its okay. You're safe now. Its alright." She cooed Avalei.

Avalei then noticed that was no voice of the man chasing her, she was hesitant at first, lifting her head and opening her eyes to see a pair of soft golden eyes staring at her lovingly. She then sat up a bit to look around her, seeing more beautiful pairs of the same golden eyes as the lady beside her.

She cleared her eyes a bit from her tears that stained her face, "A-Are you here to k-kill me?" Avalei said stuttering due to her still wet from the stream and still terrified.

The blonde next to her spoke reassuringly, "No sweetie, I promise. We're here to help you. Are you hurt?"

Avalei looked around once again at all the faces surrounding her, then back at herself, "My ankle."

One of the other men, one blonde one who looked slightly older than the rest approached Avalei, "I can help you with that. I'm a doctor. But first, what's your name dear?"

Avalei again was hesitant but answered, "Avalei. Avalei Koda."

"She's still a little traumatized from the recent encounter. She needs reassurance," the other blonde man said, again in a quiet tone only non humans could hear.

"Avalei, that is a lovely name," the last of the ladies commented as she too, approached Avalei, "My name is Esme, and this is my family."

"I'm Carlisle, and this here is my adopted daughter Rosalie, along with my other adopted children, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and Edward. We promise you, we mean you no harm. " The blonde man next to her introduced.

"How old are you? What are you doing out here in the forest?" The last of the men asked, Emmett.

"I'm 6 and I- I mean my family- I- they're...dead. I'm alone now." Avalei choked out, tears started to flow again.

The family felt sympathy towards the little girl, sending each other stares of understanding. That is when Carlisle spoke again, "I can help you treat your ankle, and if you want, you can come along with us?"

Avalei looked around, now less afraid, more trusting in the family among her, then she stared at the spot where she last saw the man chasing her, the family noticed. "He's long gone. No one will hurt you anymore. You have our promise. You can be a part of our family, we'll take care of you and protect you." Rosalie stated beside her.

Avalei looked at all of them again then nodded, "That would be wonderful. Thank you." They smiled softly.

"Alright, lets go back to our home, Emmett here will carry you. Emmett, be careful with her, shes fragile" Carlisle said as Emmett approached Avalei.

Emmett chuckled and he picked her up, bridal style. "Welcome to the family new little sis. Hold your breath cause you're in for a wild ride." Then they were gone in a flash.

Avalei really didn't know what she was getting herself into, though, she didn't mind at all.

A/N: Picture Avalei as Selena Gomez. The picture is her when she was 6 so its perfect. I'm going to do this story based off of the movies so credits and all characters except Avalei goes to Stephanie Meyer. Since I'll be doing all the movies, and following the storyline and dialogue, there are some parts where I'll skip or time jump and add Avalei's parts into it. Also, I've used arts where they had extended or deleted scenes in the movies too. Sorry if things get confusing or such, just bare with me and feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!


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