Ch 21: Tribe Stories

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Avalei's POV

We finally made it to the treaty line, Jacob was already there, waiting next to his rabbit, looking all sly and shirtless. Edward parked the car and we all got out.

"Doesn't he own a shirt?" Edward insulted. I used my telekinesis to throw a small pebble at his head as I walked over to Jacob. Leaving the other 2 love birds alone.

"Hey you." I smiled slightly when finally reaching him.

He leaned off his car to stand upright, "Hey beautiful." He then engulfed me in a warm hug.

"We're good here, you should go

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"We're good here, you should go." I heard Bella say to Edward, making me turn back towards them, Jacob's arm still at held my waist though.

"I'm not gonna be gone long." Edward said.

"Don't rush, you need to hunt" Bella said before Edward trapped her in a kiss. I turned back to face Jacob to avoid the smooch fest. I saw that Jacob too had a disgusted look on his face.

I smiled flirty, "Hey, two can play that game." I said while tiptoeing to reach his level and kissing him as well.

"Maybe rush a little bit." I heard Bella say quietly though I was too busy dazed in this kiss with Jacob.

We then heard footsteps and a throat cleared, that's when I pulled away, "Oh sorry Bella." I blushed a bit, pushing Jacob away a little. Bella shook her head to let it slide about our little kissing sessions.

"Hey Bella." Jacob said while pulling her into a hug.

I too went back over to my brother to say goodbye, he was a little distracted though as he watched Jacob and Bella carefully, "Hey, it'll be alright. If anything happens, you know I can handle it." Edward nodded as he hugged me.

Once we pulled away, we went to the doors of Jacob's car and watched as my brother drive off fast. Show off.

"So what you girls want to do today? Bike? Hike? Just hang? Your call. But we're going to a party tonight." Jacob notified. I shook my head at his tone and we got in the car.

So we didn't want to do anything that could hurt Bella so biking and hiking are out of the picture so we just hung around. Jacob and I tried to not make Bella feel like a third wheel so we just stuck to holding hands and limit the kissing for now.

Soon enough, it was night time. Jacob drove us towards the center of the rez, where they'd have bonfires and their annual tribe council meetings. I guess tonight was one of them again. Now I've never been to one, technically, but I've heard of them. Sam never allowed me to attend because of the whole me not phasing yet and because the last time they had it, it was when I couldn't see Jacob and we didn't work out our imprinting thing yet. And now I guess, I get to attend. Probably with the help and persuasion of Jacob. Though, I can't help the nerves, this seems so serious and its never this serious when it comes to the pack. They're usually fun and energetic and stuff.

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