Ch 31: Over It

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Avalei's POV

Edward knelt besides Victoria's lifeless body as he took in what just happened. He then looked over to us and went over to Bella and tore a piece of her cover up to tie around her cut.

I gave them their space by stepping away from them a little, Seth soon came back, shaking off the snow and glassy remnants off his muzzle.

He then growled.

"Something's wrong." Bella stated.

I suddenly got a vision. Some of the Volturi were coming.

"Alice need us to" Edward issued. He looked at me and I nodded.

I conjured a big flame out of my hand and threw it at Victoria's remains. It instantly burned.

Say hi to James and Laurent for me.

We all soon found ourselves back at the clearing. The family stood next to a big fire, the bodies of the newborns burning in it. I could see some of the pack members scattered along the tree lines. Also, I noticed the young newborn I saw before was still alive.

"How long?" Edward asked as we approached them.

"A few minutes. Maybe 10?" Alice informed.

"The pack needs to leave. Avalei, you too. The Volturi won't honor our truce with the werewolves and we don't want to risk you being exposed to them." Dad stated.

Just then, everything hit me. Although all of this newborn-Victoria-Riley drama is done, I now have to face the other problem that occurred just earlier before the battle and now the Volturi. All my emotions came back, my anger overpowering me.

I've had enough. I'm over it.

I soon found myself shaking and breathing heavily. My mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. Anger.

My family must've noticed because they all turned to me, "Avalei, what's wrong?" Rosalie was soon by my side, I didn't stop shaking.

"She's phasing! Rosalie get away from her!" Dad called out, they all back away. That only made me angrier.

"I HATE ALL OF THIS! CANT WE GET A BREAK! WE JUST FINISHED A BATTLE AND NOW WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE FREAKING LEECH ROYALTY WANNABEES?! AND NOT TO MENTION THAT MY IMPRINT KISSED ANOTHER GIRL! AGAIN! IM SO OVER EVERYTHING! UGHHHH!" I screamed. I saw the fire from the newborn pit get bigger. I don't know what came over me but as soon as I released that last scream, my body erupted. Before I knew it, I looked down and my feet were no longer there.

They were now paws.

Pure white paws.

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