Ch 20: Unknown Visitor

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Avalei's POV

After finding out there was someone in Bella's room that night, Edward drove me and Bella to our house. We had to tell the others. I let them know via my mind telepathy in advance.

We were now in the living room, talking about it. Emmett and Jasper were out searching the perimeter for the scent on our land.

"Who was it? Someone we knew?" Dad asked.

"It's a stranger." Edward stated.

"We didn't recognize his scent." I added.

"A nomad passing through?" Mom asked.

"A passer by wouldn't have left Bella's father alive." Rosalie included.

Jasper and Emmett suddenly joined us, "The scent disappeared about 5 miles south from Bella's house." Jasper informed.

"Someone's orchestrating this." Dad implied.

"Victoria?" Bella inquired.

"No, Avalei and I would've seen her decide." Alice countered.

"It has to be a Volturi." Edward assumed.

"I don't think its a Volturi either. I've been watching Aro's decisions too." Alice interjected.

"So we keep looking." Emmett suggested.

"We'll also set up shifts guarding Bella at her house." Dad added.

"Another protection detail?" Rosalie questioned sternly.

"Avalei's involved too. Its for her safety as well." Dad included.

I saw Rosalie tense up a bit when she heard my name. Its been hard for her to leave my side every time I'm home. She's always there for me. Though, she despises Jacob like he despises her, so she hates to see me leave every time, but she understands and I appreciate her kindness and protection.

I went by her to calm her a bit. She smiled slightly as I held her hand.

"Rosalie's right though, you can't protect me, my dad, Avalei, and search for the intruder." Bella started.

"And for Victoria." Rosalie added.

"And keep yourselves fed." Bella continued. I then realized my family's eyes were black. When's the last time they fed? Actually, when's the last time we all had a drink?

"I'm not leaving you girls unprotected." Edward stated.

"We're not. If anyone tries to hurt us, I'll just burn them to ashes. You guys always seem to leave me out of the fight. I'm not useless Edward." I said seriously to my brother.

"And I'm not going to let you starve. And Avalei's right, she's powerful enough to take on anyone. We'd also be more protected because we have-" Bella stopped, I knew what or who she was going to say.

"What?" Edward asked.

*The next day*

We called Jacob this morning to go and check out the scent at Bella's house. Edward waited outside as Bella and I guided Jacob up to her room.

"Damn I can smell it already. Oh wait, that's Edward." Jacob joked, I lightly slapped him as we followed Bella up the stairs into her room.

"Yup, someone's been in here alright." Jacob said as he inspects her room.

"Anything familiar? We couldn't recognize his scent either." Jacob shook his head no.

We soon found ourselves heading back downstairs, Bella in the lead.

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