Ch 35: A Wedding Surprise

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Avalei's POV

Now this is the part where we actually party.

Upbeat music blasted throughout the whole backyard, people were dancing and mingling. Mike and Eric danced weirdly, Eleazar and Carmen danced elegantly, Rosalie and Emmett dance normally, Alice and Jasper did their  amazing dancing skills, entertaining the crowd around them and the newly wedded couple slow danced.

I was standing on the side just watching everyone until Seth came up to me.

"Hey Avalei, want to dance with me?" He asked shyly blushing and scratching the back of his neck. I smiled at him as he held out a hand, I nodded and he guided me towards the dance  floor. The music suddenly turned to a slow song. Once we were on the dance floor, Seth stood there a little awkwardly and I knew why. He was shy to place his hands on my waist.

I rolled my eyes playfully and pulled him closer, placing my hands around his neck, "Seth, if you're going to dance with me, at least do it right. Its like you've never slow danced with a girl before." I said joking, but he pulled away, looking a little sad. Oh.

"Oh Seth I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." He looked at the ground, I stepped up to him again and lifted his chin, "Hey, I'd be honored to be a part of your first slow dance." He then smiled and placed his hands on my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. We started taking a few steps front and back.

 We started taking a few steps front and back

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"There, see? Nothing hard." I reassured him. He continued to smile.

"Avalei, where did you go? I mean you were gone for a month. We worried enough about Jacob going missing but not you too. Embry and I almost broke rules by crossing over to your land to ask if any of your family heard from you." Seth said seriously.

I looked up at him, empathetic, "I'm sorry I made you all worry but I needed time to myself. I was actually in Rio this whole time. It was pretty nice."

"Did you phase during your time there? How come we couldn't hear you?" He asked.

"I did phase, a lot actually. You couldn't hear me because I blocked everyone of any connection to me. I just wanted time for myself. I weren't at all disconnected from you guys though, I've had visions of my family and you all from time to time during the month I was away. It was like an occasional check up. I'm sorry again." I explained.

"Well I'm happy you're back. The pack's gonna be thrilled to see you again. Quil even imprinted." He exclaimed. Oh that word. I haven't heard that  in awhile.

"Oh really? On who?" I asked him, that made his face go a little skeptical.

"Uhm its Emily's niece, Claire." He stated. That made my eyes bulge a bit.

"Claire? As in little Claire? Isn't she like 3?" Seth nodded, I calmed down a bit, "I mean, he's  going to have to wait a long time to actually be with her."

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