Ch 28: Alone Time

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So this chapter is when Bella and Edward have their alone time at the Cullens household, but we all know what happened there. Might have some mature content in this chapter. Not saying detailed but you know what I mean.

3rd Person POV

That night Bella and Alice packed things up at her house for the campsite and for her stay at the Cullens for the night. Meanwhile, Avalei and Rosalie also packed her things for the campsite and for her stay at Jacob's for the night.

Bella had to have an alibi for Charlie, he thinks the Cullens are going on a camping trip and she'll be having a sleepover with Alice and Avalei.

Lets just say that Alice made it very convincing enough for Charlie to believe her.

Though in reality, the family are going hunting to prep for the battle, except for Edward. So he and Bella will be alone...

The wolves will also be out training and covering the battle field's perimeter with wolf scent, except for Jacob. Billy and the other tribe elders will stay at the Clearwaters residence until the fight is over. That leaves Jacob and Avalei with their alone time at Jacob's house as well.

Avalei's POV

"Okay I think I have everything I need." I said while zipping up my duffle bag. Rosalie sat on my bed, along with Emmett.

I was excited for tonight because it'll be the first time that Jake and I actually have some alone time. No vampires, no wolves, no anybody, just us.

"You sure you have everything? What about condoms? Or does Jacob have them?" Emmett snidely said. Rosalie immediately slapped him.

"Emmett! You're making it much harder for me to let her be alone with the mutt." Rosalie commented back.

I placed my duffle on the ground and sighed, "Rose, you know how I feel when you guys call each other derogative names. And just because Jake and I are going to be alone in a house doesn't mean it'll lead to it."

They both gave me looks, "Okay that already sounds like it'll lead to it..."

"Maybe we should tell her how it is..." Emmett stated.

I gasped and threw a pillow at him, "You are not going to give me The Talk."

"Avalei, he's right though, you've reached the age where most teenagers are hormonal and you know they like to get intimate." Rose started.

"And who knows, maybe Jacob can't control the animal inside him. Or maybe even your animal inside you might make an appearance. I mean, with Rose and I we-" Emmett started but I instantly covered my ears and shouted LALALAs just to get him to stop.

 I mean, with Rose and I we-" Emmett started but I instantly covered my ears and shouted LALALAs just to get him to stop

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