Ch 27: Ode Wolf

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Avalei's POV

I was over at the Rez today but we'd meet my brothers and Bella soon at the clearing where the fight will be held in 2 days.

I got a text this morning that Edward's going to stay out of the fight because Bella wants him with us. I swear he's such a pushover sometimes. I mean I thought it was just going to be me, Bella and Seth, but I guess not. Something about the only way to protect Bella is for Edward to be with her....uhm hello! Most powerful hybrid here!

But anyways, I told Jacob about it and I knew he wanted to comment something about the idea of Edward staying with us but he kept it to himself. I too wanted to ask Jacob if he would stay with me but I know how much he wants to kill those newborns so I can't be selfish and make him stay. And besides, Sam wouldn't let him.

Jacob, Seth and I are meeting the others now.

Jacob held my hand and Seth walked aside me as we met up with my siblings and Bella, "You're not fighting? What did you pull a muscle or something?" Jacob teased.

I elbowed him slightly, "Jake"

"He's doing it for me okay." Bella explained.

"Whatever. Just tell us the plan." Jacob ordered. I too waited for my brothers to explain to us.

"This field will give us an advantage for the battle. We need to lure the newborns with Bella's and Avalei's scent. But it needs to end here." 

"Edward, Avalei and I are going to a campsite. Even if he carries me or Avalei, they'll still pick up our scents." Bella explained. I know where this is going. And I'm not sure if I like it.

"Your wolf stench however, is revolting." Edward insulted Jacob.

"Dude you really don't want to start comparing stinks" Jacob answered back.

"What he means is that your scents will mask ours, if you carry us." I explained to Jacob.

"Done." Jacob quickly agreed.

"This is not a good idea." Edward mumbled.

"Edward, they won't want to go near their, odor." Jasper included.

"Okay let's just try it." Bella said while stepping up to Jacob. But before Jacob picked her up he spoke up, "Wait, Avalei" he then looked down at me. I understood what Bella wanted.

"Carry Bella, Seth will carry me." I issued.

"Why doesn't Bella go with Seth, and Jacob carry you?" Edward questioned.

"Because as much as I want Jacob to carry me, I'm smaller than Bella. No offense" I said confidently. But inside I felt a little sad.

"Avalei" Jacob said again. I looked at him, releasing my hand from his grip.

I smiled slightly, "Its okay Jake. We'll see you back here." I then watched as Jacob picked Bella up bridal style and to be honest I did feel a little jealous but I hid it greatly.

"Ode wolf coming up" Jacob said.

"Run" Edward ordered him. Jacob took one last look at me then took off, disappearing into the woods carrying Bella.

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