Ch 8: 3 months

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So the pictures or gifs that I put within the chapters will be parts of whatever that chapter is about so don't mind if I used any old pictures of Selena or Taylor, I just picked them cause they fit with the story.

Avalei's POV

Its been 3 months since my family left. 3 months since Edward left Bella. 3 months since I've been given the task to look after Bella and she surely hasn't gotten any better since.

Bella has this tendency to stare out the window, every day. She just goes to school, sits at our table at lunch, comes home from school and stares out the window, probably hoping that HE will come back right through it.

She's also tries to email Alice a few times, which I didn't get the point of, though I guess it helps her cope.

Its been tough for me to even try at getting Bella back to normal. She barely talks and her dreams or should I say nightmares at night keeps Charlie and I(whenever I'd sleep over which was constant) awake and worried. I've tried a bunch of times to help her with that with my dream power, I'd like to call it, but she noticed what I was doing and told me to stop. That she liked the nightmares she had even though it was all about HIM.

I've been over at Bella's house more than my house, I'd offer her to come to mine but I figured it'll just make things worse. Charlie doesn't mind me being here a lot, since it means Bella has at least one friend there for her. Its nice to have the company but with Bella in her state of depression, its like she's not even there. I hang out with Sam and the pack sometimes too, I always had to make an excuse whenever I went there so Bella won't know that I hang with them. I'd tell her I'm either out hunting or just at my house doing homework and stuff. I usually go to the Rez just to check in and give them an update on things and also to get away from the depression household for awhile. No offense.

Though ever since Bella found out I was here, I've been getting both a comfort and despised feeling from her. I mean I would get it too because not only did I remind her of what world we live in, but I reminded her of him.

I'd always try to avoid talking to her about anything related to our world or him. She's tried asking me if I knew anything about him the first week after they left, but I'd always avoid the actual question and told her I knew nothing.

During those 3 months, I've gotten a few calls from my family. They'd know when I wasn't with Bella to call me. Everyone except Edward are at our cousins' in Alaska's place. The Denalis. They've told them about me and would like to meet me soon. Though that soon could be a long time from now. I've grown to accept that my family was gone... I mean I still felt the pain because they left me but its for good reasons I guess.

Edward's in Rio, staying at the island Dad bought mom awhile back. Alice and I have been keeping track of his actions too, making sure he's okay.

I was over at Bella's today, just sitting on her bed doing homework as Bella stares out into the window again. Then I had a vision...


"No. We promised Edward." Dad said sternly. They were all in the living room, scattered around it.

"But Avalei is having a hard time getting to her. Bella won't do well without all of us. I get flashes of her but they're unclear." Alice claimed.

"Forget her. Lets drag Edward home." Rosalie scoffed.

"He'll come back when he's ready. After Bella moves on." Mom stated.

"Yes, when she's living her life, safe from danger-" Dad started but Jasper interrupted, "You mean safe from us."

"When will that be? Why'd we leave Avalei if we wanted Bella to be safe from our world?" Rosalie argued in.

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