Ch 50: Perfect

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You might hate me for this part but hey, it gives a good story and i did say it'll go with the movies. Last chapter before the epilogue.

Avalei's POV

SIKE!!! You thought all of that happened? Well it didn't. Well up until when Alice came in, it was true, the rest was all just what happened in Alice's vision. She showed Aro what his future would be like if he went on with this fight.

I smirked at the thought of me killing Aro. I wish it had been me to kill Jane because she basically "killed" Embry and Jasper, but Alice and Sam had that covered. I somewhat wish the vision happened but I didn't want to have dad, Jasper, Embry, and Leah gone.

I thought about how I was during the "fight", I thought my anger boiling up when phasing was the worst, but me doing that to Aro and the rest of the Volturi...that was beyond angry.

I didn't even know I could possess that much power and anger that I had in the vision. I mean I used that connection thing to everyone with Renesmee's gift earlier, but seeing me use it along with my newest gifts? That was something. And don't even get me started on my eye color changing when in human form and levitating myself. Then burning each of the Volturi at the end? Damn.

If only I knew I had it in me back with Victoria and the newborns. That would've saved us some time. But again, things happen for a reason.

I have to admit, it sort of scares me that I could live up to that much power and anger because what if that wasn't even to my full potential? I mean, I have the most lethal defensive and offensive gifts, combined. Plus i might gain even more thanks to my copier gift. And dont forget, I shift into a wolf...Who knows what I can really do. At least I know that if any other threat comes at us, I'll be ready to take them down.

I snapped back to reality and looked around to the ones among us, they had confused but stern faces. Edward, Aro, I were the only ones who saw what Alice saw. I was grateful enough to have the vision myself, happy that I have that gift back and happy to have my other siblings back.

Everyone wondered what we had seen. As much as I don't want to see it again, we'll have to explain it to them later or maybe I'll just show it to them, but for now, we still have to deal with Aro.

"Now you know. That's your future. Unless you decide on another course." Alice warned Aro while stepping back. He still had a shocked and scared expression as he stared back at us. Mostly staring back at me.

"We cannot alter our course. The child and hybrid still poses a grave threat." Caius chimed in. I'm only a threat if someone threats anyone I know and care about. If only he knew what would happen if they decided to fight. He would've gotten killed by the Denalis.

"But what if you were sure they could remain concealed from the human world? Could we live in peace?" Edward asked. Wait, what is Edward talking about? I was too busy with my inner monologue.

"Of course. But that cannot be known." Caius replied.

"Actually, it can." Edward stated as Alice looked back at him, smiling.

We then watched as 3 new beings began walking towards us. One man and 2 women, all dressed in native clothing. I could tell they were different, vampires for sure but 2 of them had a heartbeat.

 I could tell they were different, vampires for sure but 2 of them had a heartbeat

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