Ch 15: Your Own Sun

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This chapter is a big one for the Jacob and Avalei spark.

Jacob's POV

I followed Avalei's scent, that lead to the cliffs. I spotted Bella's belongings and then realized something.

Where's Avalei?

I looked into the ocean and immediately jumped in.

I had to find both Avalei and Bella.

Avalei's POV (Sorry, I just needed to input Jacob's thoughts)

I didn't realize what I just did until I felt the cold water hit me.

Then I remembered why I jumped in

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Then I remembered why I jumped in...Bella.

I looked around me but I couldn't see through the dark waters. I was about to go back up to the surface when I saw a flowing patch of red.


I tried to use my air conjuring power to make a small air bubble for me to breathe in, as I was running out of air, as soon as I finished, the red patch disappeared.

I looked around again but then was dragged down deeper into the ocean. I looked down and Victoria had a hold of my ankle, I tried to kick her off but it was no use. I then used my telekinesis power to push her off while conjuring up a whirl pool strong enough to push her farther away from me.

As I swam up towards the surface, I saw two black figures a few feet away from me. This time I was running out of air, and I couldn't use my power to help, I got lightheaded.

Then the dark figures approached me, I felt a warm hand grab my waist as we finally reached the surface.

I breathed in a huge and well needed breath with a few more heavy breaths. I looked next to me, it was Jacob holding an unconscious Bella with his other hand.

"Avalei! Are you okay?" Jacob asked, his warm breath hitting me.

I calmed down a bit, "Yeah I'm alright. Get Bella back to shore. I'll be right there." I noticed I held onto Jacob's bare chest so I pulled back a bit.

"Are you sure?" He asked. Jake, now is not the right time to make sure I'm okay.

"Yeah. I'll be right behind you. Go! Hurry!" I ordered him. I watched as Jacob swam towards the shore. I looked around the waters to see if Victoria was still around. I couldn't see anything. I then began to swim to shore as well.

As I reached shore, I saw Jacob trying to revive Bella. I slowly crawled up to them, trying to catch my breathe still recovering from being under the water for so long.

"Breathe. Breathe! Come on Bella!" He then started pushing on her chest, she soon coughed up some water, opening her eyes.

Both Jake and I let out a sigh of relief. She looked around her.

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