Ch 4: The Game

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Avalei's POV
*Jump to Baseball game*

Edward brought me along with him to get Bella, we were going to play baseball today because of the storm.

"Wow Ed, its only been what? A few weeks and you're already meeting her dad?" I joked as we arrived at the Swan's residence.

Bella answered the door and guided us towards the kitchen where Chief Swan, or Charlie was fixing his gun.

"Chief Swan, I wanted to formally introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen. And this is my adopted younger sister Avalei." Edward shook his hand then Charlie turned to me and smiled softly.

"Hi Chief Swan, its great to finally meet you." I smiled back.

"We won't keep Bella out late tonight. We're just going to go play baseball with the rest of my family." Edward explained.

"Bella's going to play baseball?" Charlie asked amused.

"Yes sir, thats the plan" Edward stated.

Charlie looks at Edward suspiciously, which just made me amused, "Well, more power to you I guess."

"She'll be safe with us sir, I promise." Edward finished as he began to walk out.

Bella and I hung back a bit, "Yeah don't worry Chief Swan, we'll make sure Bella comes back major league ready." I joked, Charlie laughed as I exited the house.

When we finally reached the clearing, the others greeted us. Esme explained that we needed a second umpire because Emmett tends to cheat and I being human can't fully keep up with the rest of my vampire family. So another pair of eyes are helpful.

Bella and I stood behind the home base as Alice announced that its time. Soon enough the thunder erupted simultaneously as Rosalie smashes the ball with the bat.

As she ran Bella commented, "That's gotta be a home run."

"Edward's very fast" I replied with a smirk. Right when Rosalie was reaching the home base, Edward threw the ball to Esme marking her out.

"Yer out." Bella announced. Rosalie gave her a glare, I just patted her arm as passed by us and Jasper was up next. After he hits the ball, Emmett and Edward both went to catch it and collided into each other. Bella and I both laughed.

Before Carlisle could bat, Alice yelled Stop. I began to worry.

"I didn't see them until now. They're traveling so quickly." Alice stated worriedly.

"Whats happening? Who's coming?" I asked scared.

"You told us they left the country." Rosalie said, ignoring my questions.

"They did, but they heard us. Edward." Alice said then looked at Edward like she was thinking something to him. I really don't like where this is going.

"Put your hair down." Edward said to Bella while taking her hair tie out.

Rosalie soon was at my side and did the same to me and put my hood of my jacket up, "Like that'll help. I could smell both of them from across the field."

"We shouldn't have brought you guys here. I'm so sorry." Edward said.

I was going to ask why but everyone focused their attention towards the edge of the forest.

Rosalie pushed me behind her, Emmett too blocked me. "Stay behind us, don't do anything to catch their attention." She said sternly to me and kissed my cheek.

Soon enough, from the little view I had through the cracks of Emmett's and Rosalie's arms, 3 figures approached us. One I recognized easily. Flashes of when I was 6 appeared in my mind. Freezing me into place.

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