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The Hybrid  by HarliLawson1996
The Hybrid by HarliLawson1996
Surprise! This is a Marcus Volturi love story.
  • cullens
  • volterra
  • forks
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timebomb ( caius volturi ) by --timeless
timebomb ( caius volturi )by — MEGAN
she'll die loving him. in which arden black as a ticking time bomb who had accepted the inevitable explosion when caius waltzed into her life and made her wan...
  • arovolturi
  • jasperhale
  • wattys2017
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Masquerade of Life (Caius Volturi ) by MadCatter90
Masquerade of Life (Caius Volturi )by Victoria
Claire Swan, fraternal twin sister of Isabella (Bella) Swan decides to take some time off from college and go living with her father and sister when said sister's boyfr...
  • thecullens
  • twilight
  • maturethemes
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FRANKENSTEIN • Aro Volturi [1] ✔ by LexiLove567
FRANKENSTEIN • Aro Volturi [1] ✔by Alexis
"DEATH IS THE WISH OF SOME, THE RELIEF OF MANY, AND THE END OF ALL." in which a girl is woken up from death himself. [ARO VOLTURI x OC] © 2017 | LexiLove567 B...
  • aroxoc
  • cullen
  • fiction
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Dangerous (Alec X OC) by alice1_georanda
Dangerous (Alec X OC)by Alice1georanda
She is the least wanted member of the Cullens. He is one of the highest guards in Volturi. What will happen if those two meet?
  • renesmee
  • bella
  • jane
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The Purest of Cullen's by KolMikaelson63
The Purest of Cullen'sby Kol Mikaelson
She's got the eyes of innocence, The face of an angel, A personality of a dreamer And a smile that hides more pain, Than you can ever imagine. #1 bellacullen (28/10/18) ...
  • sethclearwater
  • thetwilightsaga
  • emmettcullen
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my sunshine|| A.V by vrymilky
my sunshine|| A.Vby starseed™
"You're my light." "And you're mine."
  • bella
  • alice
  • arovolturi
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Mágissa ||†|| Caius Volturi by ModhanaLisa
Mágissa ||†|| Caius Volturiby ModhanaLisa
μάγισσα (mágissa) → n. witch, sorceress, belch "Who saved me? I want to say thank you." Caius sat up from the bed he laid. "Well, you...
  • caiusvolturi
  • vampires
  • janevolturi
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Golden Eyed Gunslinger by KayeM0412
Golden Eyed Gunslingerby KayeM0412
Then she heard the shorty, Jane, mention that they'd missed one. The ravenette's gaze narrowed at the newborn who looked to be about fifteen. And when the baby vampire d...
  • jasperwhitlock
  • esmecullen
  • ốc
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Life by TheDevilsDaughter666
Lifeby TheDevilsDaughter666
To live, is to have the ability to die. Without a chance of death, life does not truly excist. Sadly, this has been taken from me. The minute the venom of the vampire bu...
  • vampire
  • edwardcullen
  • alecvolturi
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The Lost One by TheDevilsDaughter666
The Lost Oneby TheDevilsDaughter666
Melody, a simple vampire from the Irish coven. Never had anything excited happened in her life, that is until the Cullens ask for her coven to be a witness against the V...
  • alecvolturi
  • romance
  • felixvolturi
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innocent ( volturi )  by --timeless
innocent ( volturi ) by — MEGAN
they are animals. octavia loves animals. in which octavia lahote was to pure for this world, but the ones that love her will do everything in their power to m...
  • polyamory
  • samuley
  • paullahote
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Fierce ➰Caius Volturi➰ by fangirl_220204
Fierce ➰Caius Volturi➰by Kol
Bellas' sister, Lola, ran off. That's why no one knew her. Her family disowned her once they knew what she was. She wasn't treated too well by her family when she was a...
  • volturi
  • marcus
  • bella
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Blue Moon by Nevaeh-Angel
Blue Moonby Dixie Cup
What if Victoria wasn't evil. It was just James using her for her powers. What happens when Bella doesn't jump off a cliff so Edward stays away. What if Jasper betrayed...
  • volturi
  • victoria
  • power
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Edward's Blind Mate by TashaAmy1803
Edward's Blind Mateby Таshа Амеlia
I am Jacqueline Swan. When I was younger I had a accident that left me blind. Though I could not see I spent time away from my twin with a benefactor but that was a whil...
  • vampire
  • moon
  • bella
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Our Huntress ~ Alice and Jasper  by Wolf_Queen_101
Our Huntress ~ Alice and Jasper by ᵀᴴᴱ ᴬᴺᴳᴱᴸ' ˢ ᴰᴱᵛᴵᴸ
"I'm a Huntress, Darlin'." "Our Huntress." {TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN PART 2} {ALICE X OC X JASPER} {LOVE STORY}
  • jasperhale
  • shapeshifters
  • volturi
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Breaking Dawn ≫ Seth Clearwater   ✓  by hannahmarie88
Breaking Dawn ≫ Seth Clearwater...by ᴀɴɴᴀ ✿
❝It's more like... gravity moves... suddenly. It's not the earth holding you here anymore, she does... you become whatever she needs you to be, wether that's a protecter...
  • vampires
  • volturi
  • leahclearwater
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Rising Sun (Twilight Saga Fanfic) by thedefiantnoceur
Rising Sun (Twilight Saga Fanfic)by Sammy
She was alone. Again. Bella woke up morning on her honeymoon to a farewell note from Edward. Being distraught for several days, Bella failed to notice the changes going...
  • vampires
  • swan
  • volturi
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Sentinel {Emmett Cullen} {Book 1} by irongreyjoys
Sentinel {Emmett Cullen} {Book 1}by irongreyjoys
Maverick Black, twin sister to Jacob Black. She's been through it all. Jacob's obsession for Bella, the human girl. Her love for Edward, the bloodsucker and all the deat...
  • rouges
  • mates
  • imprint
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The Girl by LazyFirebird
The Girlby Laura
On a beautiful day a little girl arrives at the Volturi castle. However, within the supernatural world nothing is as it seems, not even an innocent child...
  • isabella
  • bella
  • isabellaswan
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