Ch 46: The Truth

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Avalei's POV

Its been about a week since our whole decision to fight thing happened. Bella has been practicing her shield and I've been trying it out as well. Kate was using her electricity to train us and Jacob and Edward were the bait or should I say our motivation. We had to learn how to project our shields so that we could protect others too.

During our little practice session, I felt someone above us, and it was Alistair, watching us from a tree. We caught glances but I immediately looked away.

It took a few times with our shields and I felt really bad for Edward because Bella took longer to get it

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It took a few times with our shields and I felt really bad for Edward because Bella took longer to get it. But at the end of the day, we were good.

I also got to practice or use some of my newest gifts thanks to the gifted witnesses like Zafrina's illusion gift. I used that on Emmett once to freak him out. I made him think that we were in Volterra, and that got a few laughs. I also gained Maggie's gift of knowing when someone's lying, she's apart of the Irish coven. Her gift made it easy when Jacob or anyone else would lie to me.


Renesmee looks about 11 now. She's grown so much just in last few days. It still makes us worried about how much time we have with her.

I have a feeling Bella is up to something though, I don't know what. I wish I could use Maggie's gift on her but Bella being a shield makes it impossible.

Its Christmas tomorrow and we were going over to Charlie's so that he can spend time with Renesmee. Jacob, Bella, Seth and I were all heading there now.

If you're wondering where Leah has been the whole time is that she's been at home, with Sue. We were all allowed back on La Push lands ever since Sam and Jacob made up. It was nice to see the others, especially Emily, again. Sue and Leah will be at Charlie's too.

"I'm surprised you two took a break from Jedi training." Jacob said to us. He was in the front seat, Seth and Renesmee was with me in the back of Bella's new car. Edward's gift to her after the marriage.

"Besides Alice, I know my dad misses Avalei. And if I don't take Renesmee to my dad, he'll come to us. 27 vampires and one human? Not so great." Bella explained. From that, I knew she was lying but again, I know I won't be able to get any info out of her.

"And a hybrid." I added, laughing a bit but calmed down. "I know that's what you told Edward." I said, looking into the mirror at her.

"Well I'm just glad to get away from all those reeking bloodsuckers." That made Bella glance at him sternly as she drove.


I scolded him via telepathy. I haven't been able to use that a lot recently because I've turned my mind powers off for awhile because there's too many people around to keep track of. I've only been able to read specific people's thoughts, those who matter to me the most.

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