Ch 2: Hey Bella

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This is where Twilight(the movie) actually starts. So I will be using the dialogue from the movie to help with the storyline, but I'm changing it a little. Its also going to be a little rushed because most of when Avalei comes in is the ending. All rights go to Stephanie Meyer.

10 years later...

Rosalie's POV

Its been 10 years ever since we found Avalei in the forest, she's grown so much through the years and we are grateful to have her in the family.

We told her what we were when we got home that day we first found her. I mean it was obvious because of how fast we ran. She did freak out at first because some of our traits reminded her of the man who chased her that day, but when we explained we were animal drinkers, she finally opened up to us and was pretty fascinated. She even asked us if we were going to turn her, but we always answered we'll see when she's older.

Its been nice having a human in the house, everyone loved her from the start.  Esme loved cooking for her, Carlisle would teach her some medical stuff which Avalei was amazed by, Alice would use her as a dress up doll and shopping buddy, she would always fool around with Emmett, Edward taught her how to play the piano, and Jasper still was getting used to her but loved the playful emotions she would radiate. I treated her almost like the daughter I've always wanted.

She is now 16. Her teen years. We've learned that she's really into music as she loves to sing and dance. She's also into making crafts out of old stuff, her room and some of ours are decorated with her things. She's grown very fond of all of us but I'd like to say she's a bit closer with me, Alice and Edward.

We've been in Forks for awhile now and started school here about 2 years ago. We decided to start late since we all needed to get used to living here again and since most of us looked around 17 or 18. We always need a few years in human high school. Avalei is labeled as another one of Carlisle and Esme's adopted daughters. Its quite obvious since she's the tan one in the family.

Avalei's POV

Ever since I moved in with the Cullens, I've felt so safe and at home. I am now Avalei Koda Cullen. Dad(Carlisle) said it would be nice to keep my actual name within my new name.

Oh yeah, I live in a house full of vegetarian big deal. Its been really fun actually.

Alice said that we'd be getting a new student today at school. The chief of police's daughter, Isabella Swan. Maybe I could be friends with her, thats if-

"Avalei, you know we aren't allowed to socialize with humans unless we have to." My loving annoying mind reading brother came in the kitchen as I ate my breakfast.

"Seriously Ed, you butting into my thoughts gets on my nerves sometimes. And why cant I? I am human too. I should be able to socialize with other people who aren't my family, no offense." I stated.

"We've been through this before Avalei, you are allowed, its just-" Esme started to say until I interrupted her, knowing this conversation too well, "Yeah I know, protecting the family secret and all that. But mom, can't I have one human friend? Besides, she's new, she wouldn't know a thing about any of us." I persuaded.

Esme sighed, "We'll see how things work out. Now hurry, go change and get to school."

I hugged her and went upstairs to change into an outfit that Alice already picked out for me, she does that all the time since she can see the future. Once I was done, I hopped into Emmett's jeep as we headed towards the school.

*Skip parts of school*

We haven't seen the new girl yet but we have heard a lot of talk about her and I have a feeling we will see her now since its lunch.

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