Ch 7: Goodbye

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Just in case things are a little confusing about Avalei, I'll dedicate a small part of this chapter to talk about her.

Again, Selena Gomez is a visual on what Avalei looks like, when she was in her wizards of waverly place years, layered medium hair. She's 5"4', 16. Loves music and drawing.

I'm also trying this new update thing just to go along with the story visuals

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I'm also trying this new update thing just to go along with the story visuals.

So shes a hybrid, half vampire, half werewolf, which also makes her part human. Since she's a hybrid, she has traits of each. From her vampire side she has paler skin, though she's still tan just lighter and her skin does not sparkle in the sunlight. She has 2x the strength and speed and she has no venom in her system. Temperature wise, she's normal. She does need to still breathe though. She drinks blood, at least once in a while to satisfy her vampire side, but her diet usually consists of human food. Her eyes match the Cullens, though when she's famished or thirsty her eyes turn grey and she still can cry. Her senses are heightened, a lot more heightened than vampires. She has multiple powers and will add more due to her being a copier. Besides being a copier, her main power is telekinesis and to conjure elements out of now where. Her mood can affect her powers but rarely.

From her werewolf side, shes still able to sleep, hence helping her with her dream power. She has a beating heart though not as much blood as she had before. Like the La Push shape shifters, she'll be able to heal quickly, though it takes a little longer. She'll phase eventually and imprint, though, the imprinting thing could happen anytime, even before she phases. She is immortal but will stop aging once she phases into her wolf. When she phases, she won't have that big of an appetite like the others. The fact that she could get pregnant or not is unknown. You'll find out more when she actually phases. Since she is part werewolf, Sam, Jared, Paul and Emily know about her, because she goes over to the rez sometimes just to hang with them. They were hesitant at first but Emily persuaded the guys that she is harmless, they think of her as a part of the pack now. The others aren't aware of what she is due to them not phasing yet. The tribe elders know about her too but again, keeps the secret. They all stick to the main excuse, that she is a vampire, not hinting that she is a hybrid because she hasn't phased yet.

To break down the powers she has right now, is that she has all the gifted Cullens' gifts, except a little more advanced. Like for instance Edward's mind reading, Avalei can turn that power off and on whenever she wants to and also be able to transfer her thoughts or speak to others through their minds like the wolf telepathy. She can also block hers and others' minds from being read by Edward or from getting affected by any other mind power. The mind reading also leads to her dream power, she can be able to see people's dreams and try to help them control it. So if Bella has a bad dream, she can help her avoid it from getting any worse and give her a better dream. Although, like Edward, she can't read Bella's mind. Her telekinesis power is just as it sounds, she can move things around with her mind and a wave of her hands. With her elemental power she can conjure any element out of her, mainly coming from her hands. Also, since she's Quileute, she can see their future and read their minds as well, unlike Alice who if a werewolf is near or around Bella, she can't see anything or gets blocked.

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