Ch 26: Training

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Avalei's POV

After my little make up with Jacob that night, we both had to go home to rest for the next day because of training.

Now, most of my family were happy to see me at least act like myself again but I know Rosalie had some thoughts about it and about Jacob, though she did admit that my happiness meant a lot to her. Her and Alice also fangirled about the ring he got me.

Now we're going to a spot in the woods to train. My family and I were all there except we were waiting on Edward as he drove Bella here.

When they finally got here, the pack arrived as well.

And they surely made a nice entrance. I haven't seen them all together in wolf form, now that they have 8 of them, its amazing.

I could easily spot each of them. Sam of course with the jet black fur. Paul next to him with his dark silver fur and barring teeth. Jared's a brown with a darker brown on his face. Quil's chocolate brown, with a lighter face. Embry is almost like Paul except paler and with black spots on his back. Leah is of course the only female, much smaller than the rest has light grey fur. Seth stands out with his big furry paws and sandy colored fur. Then there's Jacob, his russet brown fur and brown precious eyes that I love. They all stood their tough stances. I talked to them through telepathy.

 I talked to them through telepathy

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Hey guys. Nice to see you all here, glad you could make it.

Nice to see you too Avalei. -Sam

Hey Avalei! -Seth

Sup girl! -Jared

How's it going? -Quil

What's up Avalei! -Embry

Heyyy girl! -Paul

Hello beautiful. -Jacob

Nice one Jake. Way to already be corny. -Jared

I rolled my eyes smiling slightly at them then they became all tough again.

"They don't trust us enough to be in their human forms." Edward translated.

"They came. That's what matters. Will you translate?" Dad asked Edward. Good, at least I can turn off some of the telepathy going on. Way too many minds here.

I went to stand next to Bella as we saw Jacob step a little closer to us, "Hey Jake." Bella said aloud. I just stuck to my telepathy.

Tell Bella I said Hi and how's my girl doing?

I smiled at him, I leaned in to Bella, "Jake says hi." She smiled at him.

And I'm good. Just getting ready to train and all.

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