Ch 17: Wants

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Avalei's POV

That night when Alice and Bella went off to Italy to save Edward, I followed Jacob back to La Push. I basically had to chase after him because he phased into his wolf but it didn't take much for me to get him.

That night, I just tried to calm Jake down using my mood power. We didn't talk much but he was thinking about everything like from Bella to me and what will happen again once my family gets back.

That night I also learned that Seth and Leah phased due to them loosing their dad and because of my sister and Victoria coming back. I always felt a pain in my heart knowing I still could've saved Harry if I had my vision sooner.

Seth took phasing lighter than Leah. Since she's the only girl right now that could phase, it bothered her that she'd be connected to all the guys, including Sam. So that makes her bitchy mood a lot worse now.

That night I wanted to talk to Jacob about what happened before all the drama came in, I wanted to talk about our kiss. But I also knew he needed time to think so I told him that he could come to me when he was ready to talk. But I somehow think its going to be awhile from now.

When I went back home the next morning, I found out that my family was back, except Alice and Edward of course. I was relieved yet still held a small grudge against them for leaving me. But I've used their guilt to my benefit. But it was only fun towards my brothers. I even reminded Emmett about the sandwich he owed me. But eventually, I had to forgive them only because they couldn't stop saying their apologies enough to annoy me for 2 days.

They have also shared their opinions on me being with Jacob, especially Rosalie. My parents were fine with it, saying that as long as I was happy they're good with him being my soulmate. Alice, Jasper and Emmett had the same reaction except a little weirded out about it. Rosalie was the one who had more words to say about him, mostly bad words but I tuned them out and got the main message out of it, saying that he's just a mutt and will hurt me sooner or later, but like the others, as long as I'm happy she has to deal with it. Even Jacob had some mean comments about her but they're my family so he too has to deal with it. And we all know what Edward feels about Jacob...he's bipolar about him depending on the days.

I had also reached out to them about a little detail they left in the note, that they lied that living with just Bella would be a less drama world...yeah it was way off.

When Edward, Alice and Bella came back few days after, it was a little awkward because I think Bella was still a little mad at me, while I held a bigger grudge towards Edward as well. Though he apologized countless of times saying that he's lucky to have had me stay with Bella and watch her for all that time. I had to forgive him too. And we found out that the Volturi will be expecting Bella as a newborn soon but all I'm grateful about is that they still don't know I exist and that my family are all back together again.

The day after that, Bella made the whole family have some sort of a meeting to discuss or take a vote to whether she can be a vampire or not...


We were all in the living room,the couples stood next to each other and I sat down on the couch, not really wanting to be involved only because I have my reasons for both answers and I'm not sure which one to say out loud...

Bella and Edward soon came down the stairs, stopping at the bottom step.

 Bella and Edward soon came down the stairs, stopping at the bottom step

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