Ch 36: Impossible

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3rd Person POV

Avalei and Jacob weren't the only ones who had a little fun that night. Bella and Edward spent their honeymoon doing a little bit of their own love making and fun.

Avalei's POV

Its been almost 2 weeks since Bella and Edward's wedding day. They were in Rio on Isle Esme. It was a good thing I left there before they went, or else things would've been a lot awkward.

During the weeks, Jake and I have been inseparable. Its like nothing bad even happened between us since the start. We're always together besides when I'd hang with my family to catch up with them too.

We did have 2 more additions to the pack. Collin Littlesea and Brady Fuller. They're both 13, making them officially the youngest we've had. Seth's happy about it because he's not the baby of the pack anymore. They like to keep to themselves and are quiet boys so I don't know them pretty well.

Other than the that, its been pretty normal lately.

Me, Jake and the rest of the pack along with the other imprints were having a little beach day.

Some of the guys were kicking around a soccer ball, the other imprints were sitting on a blanket a little farther than us

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Some of the guys were kicking around a soccer ball, the other imprints were sitting on a blanket a little farther than us. Us being Jake, Seth, Embry and I. We were sitting on a fallen log staring out into the ocean. Jacob held me on his lap.

"What do you think Bella's excuse is gonna be when they come back and turn her?" I suddenly asked. We were worrying about Bella because they'd come back in 2 more weeks and then she'd turn.

Now I have no grudge against Bella but we have been through a lot together and most of it aren't good. Then there's Edward. I left him angry and I don't know if I still am or not.

"Maybe they'll say she was in a car crash or tripped and fell off a cliff." Jacob assumed. I didn't even know the excuse they'd use just so the humans know that Bella had 'died' in order to turn.

We watched the waves crash against the shore, the sun was almost setting. You could hear the yells of Sam, Paul, Jared, Leah and Collin as they played soccer.

"At least I'll get one thing out of it." Jacob stated. I lightly smacked his chest. He was thinking about killing my brother.

"No you won't" Sam said sternly after catching the soccer ball. Leah came by us as well, we all looked at Sam, "The Cullens are not a danger to the town or the tribe."

"Well he's either gonna kill her or change her and the treaty says-" Jacob started but Sam interrupted, "I say Jacob. I say." Sam finished, going back to the others who were now chilling on the blanket they had out.

"Jake, I know you haven't been fond of my brother since well forever and I'm not really liking him lately either but, he's still my family." I said sternly. He rolled his eyes.

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