Ch 11: The Meadow

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A/N: You know what I just realized, I did the next 2-3 chapters mixed up because that's not what happened in the movie, plot wise. I did the timing wrong like Bella was supposed to meet Jacob in the rain way before she goes to the meadow, but I made it after she goes...but TBH I guess that's what makes my story a little different lol. Not like it impacted the story much but I just had to include that in.

Avalei's POV

I've been over at Bella's a lot, again, ever since that night Jacob phased. Its was hard to see her call over to the Black's place like every hour the next day asking Billy if Jacob was okay. I knew he was but Bella didn't. They finally came up with a good of an excuse to hold Bella off of her worries for awhile, mono. Though Bella being the stubborn girl she is, still wouldn't take it.

Its been about a week and a half since Jacob first phased. I haven't gotten any calls or visions about my family either.

Bella and I were in the living room and Bella was yet again, calling Jacob. And to another disappointment, it went straight to voicemail, "Hey Jake, me again. I just...need to hear your voice..." Charlie came downstairs, started packing some fishing gear. "Jacob please call me." She then hung up, leaving the phone next to her.

"Harry and I will be back by 3-" Charlie came in though stopped once he saw Bella, "Its mono Bells."

"He's too sick to even call?" Bella asked frustrated.

"You just gotta wait it out Bella. He'll come around." I assured.

"You know, I don't have to go fishing-" "No, go. Avalei will stay with me, right?" Bella said looking at me, I nodded my head.

"Okay, but stay here or at Avalei's. No hikes or anything. We're issuing a warning about those bears." Charlie finished and went out.

As soon as we heard Charlie drive away, Bella looked at me with a strange expression...I didn't have to read her mind(I mean not like I could) to know what she was thinking. I shook my head continuously, "No no no no nope. Absolutely not Bella."

She looked at me with innocent eyes, "You didn't even let me say anything."

I looked at her sternly, "You're thinking about going out there when Charlie clearly said for us not to."

She raised an eyebrow, "Wow. You sure you can't read my mind?"

I laughed annoyed, "I don't need to read your mind to know that. Ever since you've been and I quote, "Trying something new," it always ended badly."

She looked at me again, hope in her eyes, I sighed, "If I say yes will you quit staring me like that?" She smiled and got up. I followed right behind her.

I was following Bella, though I know she'd get us lost somehow. And I was right. We kept turning back and taking a different route though we'd just keep getting deeper into the woods.

I was just about to lead Bella back to the direction of her house when she found a clearing. I've seen this scenery before, though it was much more green and filled with purple and lavender flowers and the sun would shine just above...its was Edward's and Bella's meadow. Though now it was cloudy and filled with brown dead grass, the spring season hasn't approached yet.

I followed Bella, going a little more into the clearing. I stood a few feet beside her and noticed she had her eyes closed, and when she opened them again, tears threatening to fall. But that's when we heard a rustling noise.

We both turned towards it. But nothing. I tried to use smell something out but then another rustling noise came from another direction, once we turned to look at what made the noise, we were surprised to see Laurent, across from us at the edge of the wood. Eyes focused on us.

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