Ch 42: Telling Charlie

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Avalei's POV

The next morning, Jake and I came down into the living room to find Dad, Emmett and Seth lounging around. Seth was by the window though, staring out at Rosalie playing with Renesmee outside.

A few minutes later, Bella and Edward came in.

"Where's Renesmee?" Bella asked.

"Blondie stole her. Why do you think Seth's by the window?" Jacob teased. I looked over at Seth. Seeing him all adoring and caring towards Renesmee always brought a smile to my face. I don't have to look into the future to know that he'll be a great boyfriend to her someday. They're both so pure and kind.

"Wow back so soon? Break a lot of stuff?" Emmett commented on Bella and Edward's first night at their little house. Jake and I smirked at them.

"Emmett, no." Bella said seriously. Then the phone rang.

"Is that Charlie?" Bella asked.

"He's been calling twice a day." Edward informed her.

"He's in pretty rough shape." Jacob added.

"Eventually we'll have to tell him you didn't make it." Dad stated.

"He needs to mourn Bella" Edward said. That got Seth, Jacob and I a little confused.

"Okay, we'll do it tomorrow." Bella finished.

"I'm gonna miss this place." Emmett said standing up.

"We'll come back. We always do." Dad said also standing up.

"Wait, nobody said anything about leaving." I told them.

"Once people believe Bella's dead, we can't risk anyone seeing her." Dad said to me. I became a little angry.

"So we're just gonna disappear?" I questioned them

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"So we're just gonna disappear?" I questioned them.

"Avalei, we don't have another choice." Edward replied. I looked at Jacob and Seth. They both thought of the same thing.

We have to tell Charlie.


Jacob drove us to Charlie's house and we found him in the backyard, doing some wood work.

"Hey Charlie." I greeted. Jacob and Seth also said hey.

"Hey, you guys heard anything?" Charlie asked.

"Charlie, Bella is....uh..." I started but I didn't know how to put this. I couldn't tell him the secret.

"No she's not." Charlie stumbled, thinking that Bella's dead.

"No, no, no. I mean, she's fine." I stammered out.

"She's back home and she's feeling better." Jacob added.

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