The White Witch || Paul Lahote by goofmachine
The White Witch || Paul Lahoteby ❝PAPI❞
❝and into the forest i go, to lose my mind and find my soul❞ -- [ Paul Lahote ] [Twilight: New Moon]
  • comedy
  • quilateara
  • twilight
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Okay. (Twilight ~ Sam Uley ) by Cherrypop455
Okay. (Twilight ~ Sam Uley )by Fan_Fiction_Addict
Miley Swan is the older sister and has always been very protective of her sister. But Bella seems to hate her making her wonder what has she done wrong. She meets Sam th...
  • twilight
  • samuley
  • embrycall
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Avalei Cullen (A Twilight Saga Fanfic) by boyz5lifedoe
Avalei Cullen (A Twilight Saga Fan...by Jaynalei
What happens when a lost little girl wanders through a forest, getting chased by a sadistic vampire who killed her family just minutes before? She soon stumbles upon a f...
  • hybrid
  • bellaswan
  • newmoon
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Alessandra Mae Swan || A Jacob Black Love Story by rosie022201
Alessandra Mae Swan || A Jacob Bla...by Erynn
In the divorce, Charlie is granted full custody of Bella's younger sister. Alessandra, or Allie, grows up in Forks, knowing nothing but her small town life, but she does...
  • jacob
  • jacobblack
  • wolfpack
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Still Breathing [Jacob Black] by MissJessWalker
Still Breathing [Jacob Black]by Jessica Walker
All Felicity wants is to make it through her terrible break-up. All Jacob wants is Bella Swan. So when Jacob imprints on Felicity, things kind of run off the rails. But...
  • soulmate
  • twilight
  • love
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The Consequences {Jacob Black} by stormy_eyes4
The Consequences {Jacob Black}by Stormy_Eyes4
If she was being honest with herself, she would have to admit that she had always loved him. Her parents had separated them for so long, she felt as if she barely knew h...
  • esmecullen
  • ballaswan
  • quilatera
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• Rose Thorns • Edward Cullen Love Story by Lauren_Quintil
• Rose Thorns • Edward Cullen Love...by Lauren Q
🥀Emma Swan is the twin sister of Bella, but you would never have guessed it. Emma and Bella are two different people with different views on life. Emma believes her new...
  • leahclearwater
  • bellaswan
  • forks
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disregard // paul lahote by fauxless
disregard // paul lahoteby josie
"That's it? You're just going to pretend like nothing happened?" [PAUL LAHOTE x OC] [BREAKING DAWN PART 1]
  • twilight
  • embrycall
  • bellaswan
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The Other Sister [Embry Call Imprint]  by mkplvr
The Other Sister [Embry Call Impri...by mkplvr
Annalise was turned around the same time her brother Emmett was. They have lived with the Cullen's for over a decade now and they're all one big family. What they consid...
  • romance
  • rosaliehale
  • edwardcullen
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The girl who brought peace by laraa_turner
The girl who brought peaceby laraa_turner
The girl who brought peace. The girl who stopped rivalry. This is Scarlet 's story about her new life living with her half sister who hates her and discovering the unkno...
  • fanfiction
  • edwardcullen
  • wattys2017
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Alexandra Swan ~ A Jacob Black Fanfic by duhitzmax
Alexandra Swan ~ A Jacob Black Fan...by M.O.R.S
Don't make fun of this lol. I only did Jacob because he's hella cute and hot but for y'all Edward fans out there srry I don't like to mess around with the plot that much...
  • twilight
  • ialwasydothatidkwhyplsdonthateme
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Twilight Saga: STAR  by STARismadonnabitch13
Twilight Saga: STAR by STAR ⭐️ is queen
JACOB BLACK X STAR SWAN Being the white girl with curly blonde hair was not easy for STAR she was part quileute her father was the police chief of the town her best fri...
  • lapush
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By Design || Paul Lahote by tabasco10
By Design || Paul Lahoteby Madison
After living with neglectful parents for most of her life, Valerie doesn't know what to expect when she arrives in La Push to live with the Clearwaters. Once arriving, s...
  • twilight
  • werewolves
  • paullahote
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Dangerous Weather COMPLETED (BOOK ONE in My Cousin the Demigod Chronicles) by lilypadnun1
Dangerous Weather COMPLETED (BOOK...by Winter_is_Here
Highest Ranking #36 in pjo Percy Jackson/Twilight crossover MINOR EDITING(mostly grammar and structure) COMPLETED!!!! Lily Jackson moves to Forks with her cousin Bella S...
  • jasperhale
  • bellaswan
  • pjo
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He Imprinted On Me {Editing} by ShannonTheWriter
He Imprinted On Me {Editing}by ShannonTheWriter
A Jacob Black fanfiction
  • jacobblack
  • action
  • twlight
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The Reborn Cullen (Jacob Black) by Katherine-Jesse
The Reborn Cullen (Jacob Black)by FallenFatality
Katherine Cullen was not one to be lied to. She may not be very old, unlike her 'siblings'. She's the newborn of the family, under the rule of not only the Volturi but m...
  • carlislecullen
  • bellacullen
  • vampire
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Clearer (J.HALE) by FaeRiddle
Clearer (J.HALE)by FaeRiddle
Imogen Clarke has been a frequent visitor to Forks, but never for good reasons. Her Aunt Meg, who lives on the coast of La Push, has opened the door to find her niece s...
  • sethclearwater
  • twilightfanfiction
  • fanfiction
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Sinful Desires | Jacob Black [1] by sunshiiine7
Sinful Desires | Jacob Black [1]by Cece
"I don't love you, Jacob. I love Paul, this imprint, this twisted, predestined fate made for us to be together isn't going to change my feelings for him." COMP...
  • embrycall
  • newmoon
  • jacobblack
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Twilight Forest Wolf by skoch21
Twilight Forest Wolfby skoch21
I lost my parents at a young age i shifted when i was two and here i am stuck as a wolf pup surviving on my own and wouldn't have it any other way follow Sky through her...
  • twilight
  • embry
  • sethclearwater
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Angel » J. Hale by gcldentrio
Angel » J. Haleby 「 kayla 」
❝les monstres aussi tombent amoureux❞ ❝monsters fall in love too❞ ✖ in which she is the angel and he is the devil [twilight] [twilight saga] [jasper hale fa...
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