Ch 12: Secrets

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Avalei's POV

Before I could stop Bella, she gets up straight towards the door, grabbing her truck keys and jacket.

"Bella wait!" But that didn't phase her, she then got in and started her truck. I quickly got to the passenger's side and hopped in as well. She pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the rez.

It started to rain as we were close to passing the treaty line, "Bella, what are we doing? Why are we going to Jacob's?"

I looked at her, she had determination in her eyes as she looked at the road, "I need to talk to him. I need to see him." I decided to leave it at that knowing she won't back down if I asked her to.

After a few minutes, we saw the little red cabin house in view. I got this weird but warming feeling inside of me. And as we began to park, someone came out of the house walking towards the forest in the backyard, shirtless only with jean shorts, already soaking wet from the rain.

That's Jacob? He sure has changed. Chopped hair, tribe tattoo, buffed physique. But I guess that's what phasing into a wolf does to you.

Bella parked the truck and immediately got out. I was going to argue and join her but I think they need some time to themselves. I'd interfere if things get out of hand.

"Jake! Hey!" I heard Bella say through the rain. Jacob stopped slowly in his tracks, looking back at Bella as she approached him. His face filled with hurt.

I peeked into his mind and saw that he was hurt that he didn't imprint on her, he's frustrated about the whole thing, and he's a little ticked off on why I was there with Bella.  

I mean aside from his big crush on Bella, and his hate towards me and my family and our kind...he doesn't seem that bad...

"You cut your hair up? And got a tattoo?" Jacob slightly glanced at his bicep. Then back at Bella.

"Bella-" Jacob said softly but Bella continued, "I thought you were too sick to come outside, or pick up the phone when I call." she stammered, clearly getting cold from the rain.

Jacob looked down at Bella sternly, "Go away."


"Go away." Jacob repeated.

"What happened to you? What's wrong- Hey!" Bella started but Jacob began to turn away, Bella grabbed his arm back to make him stop, now he had an annoyed expression on.

"What happened?...Did Sam get to you? Is that what's happening?" Bella asked, that made Jacob look at her, mad.

"Look, Sam's trying to help me. Don't blame him. If you want somebody to blame, how about those filthy bloodsuckers you love...The Cullens. There's obviously one in your truck." Jacob countered. Oh he did not just insult me and my family.

"I- I don't know what you're talking about-" Bella stuttered, "Oh you know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been lying to everyone, Charlie...But you can't lie to me. Not anymore Bella." Jacob remarked. Just then, the others were calling Jacob over from the edge of the woods.

He looked back at them then back at Bella.

I concentrated on Sam's mind and spoke to him, Sam, I'm sorry. I tried to reason with her but she really wanted to talk to him.

Its fine. Just as long as we all do our parts and keep the secret from Bella. If she wants to know, she has to find out for herself.

I then focused back on Jacob and Bella, "Look Bella, we can't be friends anymore-"

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