Ch 24: Graduation

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Rosalie's POV

A few days have passed and its finally graduation day for the rest of my siblings. Also, it was Avalei's 17th birthday. Though, its not very cheery or exciting as we thought because she's still upset about what happened with Bella and the mutt Jacob.

She's been cooped up in her room the whole time. She hasn't even eaten until Esme went up to give her dinner that night. And since then, she'd refuse to eat except for dinners. Though at least she sleeps, but now it's like a lot, like if there's nothing better for her to do. I've seen her drawing again, but she didn't seem to finish most of them. I've heard her play her piano that Edward got her for her room sometimes but it's all sad music.

She barely talks either. If she does, its always short answers. She's given her phone to me, though its been sitting on the kitchen counter for the past few days. Jacob has been calling 3 times every other hour to try to reach her. By the time it was the next day, I turned off her phone to stop him from calling.

During the past days, I could tell she would cry herself to sleep. We could all hear her sobs coming from her room.

Bella asks about Avalei. I mean its nice to see that she cares for her because Avalei was there for her when she needed. But like always, Avalei didn't want company unless they were there to make her eat.

But today is going to be different. Alice and I have plans to get her out of her room and back to normal...or at least somewhat normal.

She's sleeping right now, but it's already passed 11 and graduation is at 2. Then the party starts at 6. Time to wake up the sleeping beauty.

Avalei's POV

Avalei's POV

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"Avalei. Avalei. Avalei come on wake up." I heard someone say.

I was having a dream with Jacob in it and as much as I don't like the thought of him lately, it's actually been nice dreaming of him since I can't really take the real Jake right now.

"Avalei. Come on graduation's today and someone's 17th birthday!!!" I heard someone else say and since I was waking up now, I realized its Alice and Rosalie.

I groaned in my pillow, "Ughhh do I have to go to graduation? And my birthday doesn't even matter anymore." That's the most I've spoken in one conversation lately.

I heard a gasp, "Of course you have to go to graduation! And your birthday does matter, it's the day of the birth of a great and special girl. Now come on, get out of bed." Alice ordered.

I buried my head deeper into my pillow, "If I do, could you-"

"Already done. Got your outfit picked and your graduation gown pressed and ready for you. Now let's get you clean and dressed, we only have 2 hours until we have to be at the school." Alice finished.

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