Ch 30: Betrayed

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Avalei's POV

The next day, I woke up to an empty tent. Jacob and Seth were probably out securing the perimeter and Bella and Edward were probably up too. I was the last to wake.

I have to admit, last night, was not a good night for me. I mean having Seth there with me was comforting but I couldn't help but feel sort of betrayed or hurt from having Jacob go warm up Bella. I mean it was my fault I told him to go but still. I even had a dream where he was having an actual conversation with Edward and it was mainly about Bella. I admit, even my dream made me feel more hurt. But I let it slide because all we have to focus on today is the battle. Time to get rid of those newborns, Victoria and Riley.

I heard some loud talking though, I couldn't really make out everything they were saying, except the word Marry. Then more shouting though I didn't really pay attention as I got out of the tent and found Edward alone a little farther away from the tents, staring off into a direction.

"Edward, what's wrong? I heard yelling. Is everything alright?" I asked him as I approached him.

I could sense frustration yet calmness from him, "I proposed to Bella the other night, she said yes." He informed me.

My eyebrows raised in a bit of a surprise, "She finally said yes this time? That's great! Congrats bro!" I said while hugging him. Though I could feel his energy didn't really match mine.

I mean this is great news. Bella and Edward can finally be together. Jacob can finally move on. I don't have to worry about Jacob falling for her again. I mean after the other night, he wouldn't do that to me...right?

I pulled away looking around, "Where is Bella?"

He looked off into the same direction as I found him and sighed, "She's with Jacob. He found out about the marriage too."

I stepped back confused, "And that's a bad thing? He'll understand, I'll go find them. We can make celebration plans after all of this is over." I said a bit happily then followed Jacob's and Bella's scent.

I was halfway to them until Seth jumped in front of me in his wolf form, scaring me a little.

Avalei! Uhm we should go back to the tents, you should put on another jacket.

"Seth! Don't scare me like that, and I'm fine. I'm warm enough now. I need to find Jake-" Just as I moved around Seth, I finally got to the top of the hill, though I couldn't believe what was happening before me...

 I need to find Jake-" Just as I moved around Seth, I finally got to the top of the hill, though I couldn't believe what was happening before me

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Jacob was kissing Bella. And Bella was kissing him right back.

I froze in my spot. I literally felt my just recently repaired heart, break into pieces...again.

I could feel my eyes start to water as I watched them kiss. I immediately turned around and started heading back towards the campsite. Seth was just beside me.

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