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So it's been a few months since I've finished this story and I'm planning to write another fanfic but I need help choosing what book/movie to follow on.
Each of my options have a love story or interest. So I need votes!
Here are my options...
1. Harry Potter: And I'm talking the whole story now and the love interest options will be either with Harry or Draco.
2. Divergent: The only love interest that I have in mind is with Four or Caleb because with this storyline, I'd like to focus on the main characters journey.
3. The Hunger Games: For this, the love interests would be with Gale or Peeta.
4. The Maze Runner: Since there isn't the Death Cure on movie screens yet, I can't follow the movies exactly I'll find a way to work it out. And the love interests would be with Minho or Newt or Thomas.
5. The Chronicles of Narnia: Yeah this one is pretty old but hey, I love the story. Love interest in this would be with Peter and Prince Caspian.
6. Twilight Saga: I know I've already done one but I actually have another one in mind and it'd be with Seth this time. And since Seth doesn't come into the story until New Moon(he's only mentioned not present) the love interest won't spark til then.

So there they are! PLEASE VOTE BY COMMENTING ! I'll stop the voting when I have a good amount of votes or if I see one already with a lot of votes.


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