Ch 41: Newborn Awakens

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Breaking Dawn Part 2! Things are changed a lot more since Seth imprinted on Renesmee now. So if I use pictures with Jacob in it, just picture Seth instead(at the appropriate times.).

3rd Person POV

"She shouldn't be this still." Edward commented.

"Its the morphine." Carlisle informed him.

"Maybe I was too late." Edward stated.

"No Ed. Listen to her heart." Avalei told him. They all listened as it beats slowly then faster until nothing.

Its been 2 days since Bella gave birth to little Renesmee, Seth imprinted, and when Edward injected his venom into Bella.

Alice and Rosalie dressed Bella up in a nice blue dress as she laid on a flat counter top.

The venom worked.

Bella's finally going to be a vampire.

Yesterday, the family went on a much needed hunt, besides Rosalie because she watched over Renesmee and she got her blood the day Renesmee was born. Jacob went with them too of course, Leah stayed back as Seth stayed with Renesmee.

Today's also Bella's 19th birthday, though she won't age anymore once she wakes up. Renesmee looks like she's already a couple of months old. Seth's been really close with her just as an imprint should be, always by her side, aside from Avalei and Rosalie holding her sometimes. Jacob has grown to like Renesmee because of Avalei and Seth, him and Seth even nicknamed her Nessie.

Right now, the Cullens were waiting for her to wake up. All of them were scattered around the 2nd floor.

They waited as Bella's body transform itself. Her physique became normal, her skin color paler, all the scars and bruises went away, her hair got a lot lighter and healthier....She was beautiful.

Couple hours later, the family dispersed from the living room, leaving Edward alone with Bella

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Couple hours later, the family dispersed from the living room, leaving Edward alone with Bella.

And finally, her eyes opened. Revealing her bright red newborn eyes.

The newborn awakens.

Avalei's POV

Bella's finally awake. And she's finally what she's wanted, a newborn vampire. Edward took her out on her first hunt awhile ago. I just hope it went well.

I sat with Jacob, watching Seth hold Renesmee who then gave her to Rosalie. Yes, Edward finally accepted the fact that Seth's his daughter's imprint. He still doesn't like it but he knows he has to cope with it just like they had to with me and Jacob. And besides, I keep reminding him that if it wasn't for Seth, we'd still be fighting with Sam and the others. So he's thankful for that.

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