Ch 22: Unwanted Kiss

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This chapter is going to be a little confusing due to the many POVs but just follow along.

Avalei's POV

The past 2 weeks have been the same. School was pretty calm aside from our finals. Graduation was a few days away. That means my birthday is also a few days away. Along with Bella's set date for changing. Not sure if I'm ready for any of them. Oh and I can't forget we're going to Seattle to get rid of the newborns soon too.

Life back home and in La Push was still the same, though, I've noticed Jacob has been a little distant again and I'm not sure why. He still hangs with me whenever I go over to the rez but I can't help but think that something else is on his mind but he just won't tell me anything. And its giving me an uneasy feeling...

I was going over to the rez again today and I'm hoping to talk to Jake about it.

3rd Person POV

Little did Avalei know that once she counters with Jacob that day...she'll be in for a shocking surprise.

Avalei's POV

So I'm about to head on over to the rez because the others went to go hunting today. I think Edward's with Bella though. I wasn't sure.

Once I got there, I went to Sam and Emily's first, knowing they would be there.

"Hey, what you guys up to today?" I asked after setting my bag down on the table and jumping on the couch to sit down next to Seth. Jared, Sam and Leah weren't here so they probably were out doing patrols, Emily was out probably doing errands.

"Not much you know. Patrols, TV time, food time." Seth informed me.

"So nothing new then." I giggled.

"Is Jake here?" I asked after a few moments.

"He's with Bella out by the ponds." Paul informed. I sat up confused. Seth noticed my confusion.

"You didn't know? Jake said he texted you" Seth stated.

My face fell a bit, "No, he didn't" I checked my phone again to see, but no texts.

"She's probably going to go check on them again to see if he's cheating." Paul teased. Embry smacked his head. I still sat there kind of worried and sort of sad.

"Well they're out by the ponds, you should go join them. I'm sure Jacob just forgot." Seth reassured, patting my lap. I nodded and headed out.

3rd Person POV

"So Alice has planned a big graduation party, which you're invited to..." Bella informed Jacob but he just didn't really care about it. "Yeah I figured that but I was hoping since its-"

She stopped as she noticed Jacob's strange and quiet behavior. "What?"

"I just wanted to do this differently, smoother...
But now I'm out of time" Jacob started as he looked off into the distance.

"Do what?" Bella asked.

"You need to hear the truth Bella." Jacob continued as he stepped closer to her, "Understand all of your options...You need to know, that I am in love with you. And I want you to choose me instead of him" He confessed.

"I thought you understood...I don't feel that way for you. And what about Av-" Bella started but was interrupted.

"I don't buy it."

"What don't you buy? That's how I feel." Bella countered.

"You feel something else for me. You just won't admit it...So I'm not giving up...I'm gonna fight for you. Until your heart stops beating." Jacob continued.

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