Ch 47: Pre-Battle Conversations

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Avalei's POV

After Christmas a few days ago, I know Bella's been hiding something from us, and I'm not sure if I'd like it or not. The confrontation with the Volturi is in 2 days. Maybe I can finally get some information out of her beforehand.

*The next day*

We were all back at our house, the vampires were all around our areas, the pack members would come and go. Jacob and Seth would be sure to stay near our lands. I had some alone time for once and I found Bella at their little house and wanted to talk to her.

I knocked on the door to Renesmee's bedroom, Bella was packing a few things into 2 back packs.

Once I knocked, Bella looked at me, a little startled. You'd think she would've known I was here with her vamp abilities.

"Avalei, what are you doing here?" She asked, trying to hide what she was doing

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"Avalei, what are you doing here?" She asked, trying to hide what she was doing.

"I wanted to talk to you about something...About this." I said gesturing towards her secrecy and the backpacks.

"What? This is nothing, just a few-" She started but I came inside the room and sighed, "Bella I've been with you through almost everything since you came to Forks. I may not be able to read your mind, but I know when something's bothering you. And this something deals with what's happening tomorrow, and with me and Renesmee. So what is it?"

She too sighed and sat down on Renesmee's bed, I walked over to sit next to her.

"Alice and Jasper left me a message saying to meet up with someone who might have information for us, J Jenks. That's why I went off to do errands that day before Christmas." She started.

"So what you'd find out?" I asked her.

She hesitated at first, but walked over to the backpacks and took things out, I followed her over, "He gave me these documents and passports, one for you, Jacob, Seth, and Renesmee." She let out, holding out papers in front of me.

"But why would it'd only-" I started but faded off once I saw the documents and passports. They were plane tickets, a contract for a house and on each of the passports, our names were different.

Then it hit me. Alice and Jasper paid J Jenks to make these for us because they knew that the  others wouldn't survive while the four of us would.

That means a fight will break out, they'll send us four off, and everyone else will die.

"What? Bella-" I started tearing up.

"I know." Bella stopped me. She placed the papers back in the backpacks.

"But Bella, you know I wouldn't leave you guys-"

"Avalei no," she looked at me, and placed a hand on mine, "If Alice has seen this, then we have no other choice but to follow it. No matter how much we don't want to." Why couldn't I have seen this?

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