Ch 9: Cliff Diving

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Avalei's POV

Its been a few weeks since Bella started hanging out with Jacob, not much has changed with me except that we added another member to the pack, one of Jacob's best friends, Embry Call. I'd say he's the nicest next to Jared and Sam. Paul is the last of my nice list. Though since he phased, he's had to avoid Jacob and Quil, their other best friend. Its hard being a wolf...or so I've been told. Its already hard for me being a hybrid, and Bella doesn't even know yet.

Ever since Bella started hanging out with Jacob, I have to admit, she's been getting better. And since she's over at Jacob's a lot fixing those motorcycles, I haven't gotten the chance to talk with her about everything. Besides, I'd hate to break anything between them, knowing Jacob keeps Bella occupied and happy.

She hasn't had many nightmares lately, except this one night she came home from Jacob's. I wanted to question what happened but I sort of got info from Jacob's mind beforehand. He brought up my brother, that was enough to trigger something within Bella.

So that night, I snuck into her room through the window and saw her screaming. I looked into her nightmare and saw she dreamt of Edward and a wolf, then of her...I tried to calm her down but I sensed Charlie coming up to check on her so I hid just outside her window, holding onto the tree branch, though enough for me to peek in to see what was happening.

Charlie came in and woke Bella up once Charlie sat by her, "I'm sorry I woke you up." Bella mumbled into her pillow. 

Charlie cooed her, "You're alright Bells, you're okay. Kind of like when you were a baby, didn't get much sleep then either." Bella sat up a bit, wiping the tears off her face, she spotted me and I put a finger to my lips, telling her not to say anything. "I thought this thing was starting to work but...guess not." Charlie said, touching Bella's dream catcher above her bed. I found out Jacob gave that to her for her birthday, I thought it was funny how him and I had the same taste. Such a coincidence.

"I did know what its like, you know. When your mother left, took you with her. That was not a good time for me. I thought about doing all kind of crazy things, just to ease the pain." Charlie admitted, patting down Bella's hair. Oh you don't know the half of it Charlie.

Bella looked at me, then Charlie spoke, "Can I ask you something?" Bella nodded, "Hanging out with Jacob seems to take your mind off things." Bella nodded again. "That's good, he's a good kid."

"Yeah he is." Bella said quickly.

"You know sometimes, you gotta learn to love what's good for you, know what I mean?" Charlie asked, making Bella sort of glare at him. "Of course what do I know, I'm just a terminal bachelor. Famous ladies man." I giggled quietly at that.

Bella scoffed at his remark and laid back down. "Okay, uh-well go to bed." Charlie said quietly, getting ready to leave.

"Sorry I woke you up." Bella repeated. "Don't worry about it. I love you." He then left her room, closing her door.

"You're safe to come in now." Bella said quietly. I lifted myself up to her window frame and went through. Once I was in, I walked towards the end of her bed.

"He is right you know. I can tell every time after you hang out with Jacob. You're better." I concluded.

She sat up once again and leaned onto her dashboard. "If you're starting to have your nightmares again, I can always-"

"No don't. I'm okay, really." She defended.

I sighed, "But Charlie isn't" she looked away. I went to sit at her side, joining her as I leaned on her dashboard as well.

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