Ch 13:Wolf's Out of the Bag

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A/N In my story, Bella's truck has a back seat with 4 doors instead of 2.

Avalei's POV

Bella slept pretty good last night. Or should I say she figured things out through her dream...with a little help from me.

Lets just say I gave her the memory of when Sam and I found her the day my family left. And to the talk her and Jacob had before. Then to the part when we were in the clearing. Where Jacob looked into Bella's eyes.

Hopefully she'll get it once she wakes up. But right now, I need some sleep as well.

I woke up from my own slumber a few hours later. I looked up to see Bella's bed empty. I suddenly got up and checked the house. Nobody's home.

Where could she be?

That's when I had a vision.


Bella drove down the road, arriving at a familiar red cabin house. She went up to the door, Billy answered.

"I need to see him."

Billy had a serious face, "He's not in"

"I'm sorry I really need to see him." She walked pass Billy who tried to stop her but failed. Bella found her way to Jacob's room, only to find him fast asleep.

She sighed but then saw Sam and the others arrive in Jacob's backyard. That got Bella fumed. She stormed outside and approached them.

"What did you do? What did you do to him?" Once she arrived in front of them, she pushed Sam.

The others, especially Paul got angry, Sam stood his ground, "Easy" he commanded the others.

"He didn't want this!" Bella yelled.

"What did we do? What did he do? What did he tell you?" Paul questioned, getting angrier.

"Both of you calm down!" Sam ordered.

*End of Vision*

Seriously Bella?! You don't get wolves angry!

Can't I get a week without any dangerous situations Bella gets herself into?...I mean I'm dangerous but I wouldn't hurt her...but with all these life threatening things she keeps getting herself into, I might be tempted to...just kidding.

I then zoomed out and made it to the scene before anything else happened.

Maybe 5 seconds passed as I was immediately next to Bella, grabbing her arm, trying to pull her back. She was surprised at first but glared back at the pack. I looked at Sam with an apologetic look. He just glared but not at me, at Bella.

Guess the secrets coming out. There's no point in hiding that I know the pack and their secret.

"Bella, drop it. Lets go." I said to her, but she didn't listen. I mean what's new?

"Nothing! He tells me nothing cause he's scared of you!" Bella replied, ignoring me. That got the others laughing, mainly Paul. Bella shrugged my hand off her and began to turn back, but what I didn't expect was that she only pulled back to punch Paul in the face.


"Avalei, Bella get back!" Sam yelled. I immediately pulled Bella behind me, stepping back myself. Bella's heartbeat quickened.

"Too late now." Jared tempted. Not helping Jared.

Paul fumed, breathing heavily, Sam trying to calm him, "Paul, calm down now!" I tried to calm him as well but it was too late. Paul erupted out of his human self, and turned into his giant grey wolf. He growled with teeth showing at me and Bella.

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