Ch 3:Meet the Family

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Avalei's POV

So a lot happened in one night. Edward was sort of stalking Bella and he saved her from these drunk dudes then dad said that there was another killing down at the boat docks. Oh and I forgot to say that Edward basically told Bella that he can read minds, well except for hers.

Oh and get this, the next day, Bella found out what my family are. She found out about our secret. I know I should be concerned but hey there's another human besides myself to keep this secret. And it was quite amusing to see what Bella thought about me living in a house full of vampires. 

Its nice to see Edward opening up to someone other than family. Its nice to see him happy. 

Today, Edward's taking Bella home to meet all of us. I have to say that I'm super excited to have another human in the house. I just hope everyone else likes her...Well I know Rosalie wont but at least the others hopefully will.

We were all in the kitchen prepping food for Bella and I. I just finished helping Rose make the salad when we heard the door close.

"Does she even like Italian food?" Rosalie questioned.

"Her name is Bella" Emmett replied. I gave him a look and laughed a bit.

"Oh get a whiff of that" Rosalie retorted. That made all of us laugh a bit. Then Edward and Bella entered the kitchen.

"Bella, we're making Italiano for you" Esme greeted as she approached Bella.

"This is Esme, my mother for all intents and purposes." Edward introduced.

"Bon Giorno?" Bella spoke. "Oh Molto bene!" Esme replied.

"I hope you're hungry" 

"She already ate" Edward rudely included. Just then a sound of cracked glass erupted and the salad was all over the floor.

"Perfect." Rosalie scoffed. 

"Well its just that I know you guys don't eat-" Bella started but was interrupted by Esme, "Of course, that was very considerate of you. "

"That means more food for me!" I said excitedly. 

Rosalie stepped aside from the salad mess. "Ignore Rosalie, I do." Edward mumbled. 

"Yes, lets keep pretending this isn't dangerous for all of us." Rosalie added.

"I would never ever tell anyone" Bella defended. 

"She knows that" Dad said.

"The problem is, you two have gone public now so..." Emmett started but Esme stopped him.

"No she should know. The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly." Rosalie threatened Bella.

"Oh badly. Like- where I become the meal." That made most of us chuckle.

"Speak for yourself, I've been living here for 10 years and they still haven't turned me." I joked.

"She's joking." Edward countered. 


Just then Alice and Jasper came in via tree branch from the balcony. She went over to kiss Bella's cheek and hands her little flowers.

"Whoa, you do smell good. I'm Alice." Edward caught her for her comment but Alice spoke before he said anything, "Its alright, Bella and I are going to be great friends." 

"Me too!" I added stepping up to them both and hugging Bella. "I know we already met but I'm glad there's another human in the house."

"And you're Jasper right?" Bella extended her hand towards my brother. Jasper stayed still and spoke, "Pleasure to meet you"

"Its okay Jasper, you wont hurt her." Alice cooed. 

"Yeah because he's had a lot of practice with me in the house." I added.

"I'll give you a tour of the house." Edward said while taking her upstairs.

"I'm glad that he finally has someone to be happy with." I commented.

"Yeah, its nice to see him so lively now that he has Bella." Esme said.

"Do- do you think I'll find someone for me?" I suddenly questioned. Seeing everyone with someone they love makes me feel even more of a stand out in this family.

Esme and Rosalie soon came to me, "Oh honey, you will find someone. And they'd be lucky enough to have someone like you. I know we are." Esme reassured while hugging me.

"I'm the lucky one. I know I've said this a lot but I can't thank you enough for finding me and taking me in when I was 6" 

They all smiled and nodded in understandment.

"And whoever your someone will be in the future will have to go through me first. Because my little sister isn't just another girl, she's special." Emmett added coming to pick me up and twirling me around. 

I guess I will find someone eventually. Well, I hope I do.

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