Ch 10: News

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Avalei's POV

You know when I asked Bella to do things less dangerous? Well she didn't listen. She went on ahead and rode those motorcycles Jacob helped rebuild and being the prone to danger she is, she crashed and hit her head. It was a minor wound though. If I wasn't so caught up on keeping watch on all the other dangers, I would've prevented that one from happening.

A few days later, at school I heard Bella's friends talking about something in the woods they saw. I was sitting at our usual table when I saw Bella almost sit down next to me but overheard what Mike and the others were talking about.

"It was jet black and huge, on all fours it was still taller than a person. A bear maybe-" Angela wondered, Mike joked in, "Or an Alien, you're lucky you didn't get probed." That made the others laugh besides Angela. Besides that bad alien joke, did Angela just describe Sam? He couldn't have been seen. And even if it was, they weren't killing people. They're job is to protect humans...unlike some others...Laurent and Victoria...

I snapped out of my little trance and saw Bella come over, but before I could stop Bella, she went over to their table and joined in on the conversation.

"You know you're not the only one." They all gave her a blank look. She's finally talking to someone other than me. "Um my dad's been getting reports down at the station." She finally sat down, "Like 5 hikers have been killed by some bear. But they can't find the bear." Yeah because it isn't a bear.

Angela cleared her throat, looking at Eric, he laughed nervously and spoke, "Last time you clowns doubt my girlfriend."

While the others continued with their small talk, Mike subtly scooted a bit to Bella, "So um I'm a bit surprised you came over to us, knowing at least one Cullen is still here, I thought you'd sit with her like usual"

Bella looked at me then back at Mike, I gave her a slight nod, "She's cool about it." Sort of.

"So um...I mean now that you're eh talking and eating again, which you know gotta get that protein in there," He playfully poked her stomach. "I was just wondering if you know-you'd like to see a movie with me?" Mike finished. Oh he's so weird.

Bella thought about it for a second, "Uh yeah sure."

"Cool um let me see...We could-we could check out um- Love spelled backwards is love. Yeah its a dumb title but um its a romance comedy. I mean its supposed to be-" Mike stammered but Bella quickly interrupted, "No, no romance. Uh how about Face Punch? You heard of that?"

"I mean its- its an action movie." Mike said unsure.

"Yeah its perfect. With guns, adrenaline, its my thing." Bella said trying to be a little too cool about it. I smiled amused.

"Okay so..." Mike started but Bella interrupted, "We should get a bunch of people to go. Do you guys wanna go see Face Punch?" Bella asked turning to the others, getting their attention. Ooooh Mike did not want that.

"Yeah hey, Mike we were supposed to watch that remember the trailers all like pshhhh pshhh Punch Faces" Eric exclaimed doing hand punches and noises.

"Yeah, movie night with Bellaaaaa" Jessica sang.

"Hey, do you mind if I invite Avalei?" Bella asked them. I then looked away from them and down at my food to make it seem like I wasn't listening in.

I felt them turn their heads to look back at me, "Uh sure." They said. From that, they wouldn't be comfortable and I probably wouldn't either. Besides, I heard that movie sucks.

After school I hung out at Bella's place, finishing up some homework with her. It started to get dark and Bella was getting ready to meet the others at the theaters. She still kept asking me if I wanted to go.

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