Ch 37: A Monster's Growing

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Avalei's POV

Its been a week since Bella and Edward came back and Bella's huge. She's only been what? 3 weeks pregnant and she already looks like she's 8 months long. And she's not really having that pregnancy glow. She looks weak and a lot more skinnier than she was and her belly has a couple of bruises on it.

When they came back, Edward kept telling Carlisle that there's a monster growing in Bella, and he wanted it out of her immediately. But, Rosalie and I were there to defend Bella. The others were also iffy on the situation. Alice keeps calling it a fetus.

Weird thing about this whole situation is that Alice and I can't see Bella's future anymore, which worries us.

Jacob called me a few days ago, to check on me. I said that I wasn't feeling good after our lie of a hunting trip so I have to stay home a little longer. He really wanted to come over to comfort me but I lied saying that Dad said no visitors. He even wanted to send Seth over because he's the one that my family can actually stand but I insisted he shouldn't.

Its been hard being away from him though, but I don't know what he'd do if he found out I lied to him and that Bella's pregnant with a vampire human baby.

Actually I do know what he'd do if he found out, he'd probably get so angry that he'd kill Edward right there and then. That's what I'm afraid of.

We were in the living room, Rosalie and I were close to Bella sitting on the couch. The rest were scattered around us and Edward was looking out the window. He and Bella hasn't really talked with one another since they arrived.

Dad had let Charlie know about Bella earlier, making up a lie saying that Bella caught some cold or sickness in Rio so she has to stay there longer.

All of a sudden, I get the warm feeling in me and I hear a motorcycle revving up to the house.

I sat up immediately, scared.

"What is it?" Bella asked.

"Jacob's here." I stammered out. Rosalie immediately stood up, Bella just grabbed my hand and held it. I looked at her and she nodded. 

Charlie told Jacob about Bella and he knew something was up.

Its time to tell Jacob.

I saw Dad leave the room and go answer the door.

I saw Dad leave the room and go answer the door

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"Is it true?" I heard Jacob ask, already mad.

"Hello Jacob. How are you?" dad greeted. But I knew Jacob wouldn't take it.

"Listen, give it to me straight. How's Avalei and where's Bella?" Jacob questioned. See?

"Jake is that you?" Bella called out.

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